Megaman X9: Where Art Thou?

The X series took the original 8-bit and made it ten times better. The first Megaman X that debuted on the SNES matured Megaman and gave him balls. Armor upgrades, heart tanks, "Shierokun", Sigma, bosses with real names instead of "man" on the end of it--all of these little new enhancements is what brought more meat to the table. Sure, most of the names were still goofy, but at least it was somewhat fresh. And Sigma had much extravagant and different alternative forms then what Wily can remember.

jacksonmichael4324d ago

Super Castlevania V: Where Art Thou?

L6RD7BLU34324d ago

Being canceled that's where.

Chrono4324d ago

Probably canceled because they are busy making Super Duper Ultra Street Fighter IV Arcade Special 3D 2012 Version, featuring two more new characters.

Sevir044324d ago

Meh, is kill to get a new megaman x, or a new megaman Zero, the X and Zero series was awesome hell I'd love it if they remake all of them... They stopped at remaking just X. The Megaman: Marverick Hunter X was awesome. And the Zero series on the GBA and then on the DS was great. sigh! Capcom just ruins there IPs.. -_-

4323d ago