Do Video Games Need To Be More Evil?

Ian Fisher writes: As different as video games may be from other forms of entertainment like literature or films, video games have usually followed the typical conceit of having a protagonist that is a complete hero or a loveable flawed hero that may or may not have a chip on their shoulder. Saving the day from an alien invasion or destroying a criminal empire may be fun but at this point I’m wondering why some video games don’t offer us a chance to become evil by putting us in the shoes of a villain or someone who doesn’t have the moral compass to do the right thing every now and then.

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trainsinrdr2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

Make a video game about hell already and I mean a proper one not something like dante's inferno or shadows of the damned because they sucked huge elephant ****.

hamoor2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

You know, I thought at the start of this gen that since the graphics are getting more advanced we can get more scarier games!.

But no oh no! No game this gen really scared the sh1t out of me.
only amnesia: the dark descent really got me on my toes! O.o

Anyway I thought the idea of dante inferno is good but not executed very well.

ATi_Elite2631d ago

Hell yeah! Video Games are too soft. I'm tired of killing Zombies, opposition Forces, and Aliens.

I wanna corrupt and torture souls, destroy worlds and feed off of the screams of my victims.

If the media is gonna blame video games for violence well then Devs need to step up the violence in video games.

Quagmire2631d ago

"I wanna corrupt and torture souls, destroy worlds and feed off of the screams of my victims."

Try applying for a job at Capcom.

ATi_Elite2630d ago it that bad there?

AntoineDcoolette2630d ago

I want another stellar game that perfectly emulates the atmosphere of the Legacy of Kain series = /