3DS Sales Fall Following Pricedrop Announcement

Word of Nintendo's upcoming 10,000 yen price drop for the 3DS spread petty quickly, it seems. Media Create's hardware chart for last week, which includes four days of post price drop announcement sales, shows the 3DS at 16,415 units, or around half of what the system sold the week prior.

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ksense3736d ago

and psp sells more for some reason. weird

Ulf3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

PSP is a solid platform, and may continue to sell fairly well long after the Vita launches. In a sense, it merely fills the same market niche that the DSLite does, relative to the 3DS.

I'm not ditching my PSP until it dies, most likely. I have a ton of great games to play on it still. It's an astounding platform -- and frankly, I have yet to see a 3DS game which looks as good as some of the games on the PSP, so the tech is still "current", in that regard.

trollkill3736d ago

Seriously ive seen alot of psp games whos visual rival some console games lol A strong system indeed which only makes me wonder about the great games that will be on vita.

ksense3736d ago

What I meant with my comment is that psp sold like 10000 more units than the previous week and I found that weird. I knew it was going to outsell the 3ds because people will wait for the price drop. Just found it weird there was a notable increase in sales for psp. was there a fan favorite game release in japan for psp in the past week? Final fantasy type-0 release is soon so maybe that

LOGICWINS3736d ago

PSP is selling more because it has a decade worth of games and constantly updating PS1 classics. Also, the GO is smaller and sleeker than the 3DS.

The 3DS just came out and it doesn't have a huge library of games that people are interested in.

kreate3736d ago

so is it doomed? or.... ?

LOGICWINS3736d ago

Unless a new Pokemon specifically made for the 3DS comes out soon, I'd say its doomed.

By "doomed" I mean that it won't match the success of the original DS.

banned_nope3736d ago


it is doomed just like when the ps3 was released and with a limited library.

goddmanit i hate those idiots.

kreate3736d ago

oohhhh sorry for being such a idiot.

i didnt know PS3 and 3DS were the same thing ... o_0;;

i just wanted to hear logicwins's opinions on the device. such a hater.

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Trunkz Jr3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

Duh! Of course sales will fall, people will wait for the upcoming price cut rather then spend $250 ALREADY knowing it's going to be $80 cheaper.

Would you stand on a train track @ 1:59pm knowing the train comes @ 2pm? Sales will be slow until then, and Christmas time expect a big boom of sales, thats when the 3DS will take off (many more games, cheaper price)

GoldenGamer3736d ago

What if i was suicidal? Then your point is moot...

Chrono3736d ago

The "weird" reason is obvious: homebrew.

Ddouble3736d ago

New colours last week plus the things the other guys said

Knushwood Butt3736d ago

Three new PSP 'value' packs were released last week.

They are existing colours but come with pouch, memory card, cleaning cloth.

I think the price is 17,600 Yen. Just Google it if you want.

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Ulf3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

Well, that may actually be a good sign, right? Sort of?

Lots of people are going to pick one up when the price does drop, it sounds. I bet (in Japan) it hits near 100K in the first week of the drop, and tapers off to 60K/week for the rest of the month until settling around 40K/week in Sept/Oct before the holidays begin.

Dart893736d ago

I say wait until the holidays when they most likely will bundle it with a game and sells will pick up.

Canary3736d ago

Sales decreasing could be a result of many possible circumstances. To name a few:

1) Fewer people want a 3DS
2) People plan on buying a 3DS after the price drop
3) Price drop scares people away from buying a 3DS

Really, there are too many to bother listing out. Sales data right now doesn't really matter: what matters is whether or not there's a substantial increase in sales after the 3DS price drop takes effect.

If there is, huzzah! If there's not... well, it won't be the first Nintendo platform to flop.

Trekster_Gamer3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

Lame speculation.... of course it is due to the impending price drop. To theorize or speculate anything else is just plain silly.

Tell me why would the sales stay anywhere near the same or increase when everybody knows the huge price drop is just around the corner.

This article is useless until after that time.

Optical_Matrix3736d ago

Lol if I knew a system I wanted was getting a price drop in 2 weeks, I wouldn't buy one until that price drop came into effect. Nothing unusual here.

Solidus187-SCMilk3736d ago

yeah and use that money on some games. I wasnt even considering getting a 3ds before, but now I always could at 170 but will probably just buy more ps3/360 games right now.

kneon3736d ago

What's unusual is that the sales didn't drop to near 0, why is anyone buying one now? And why did Nintendo schedule the price drop in the future rather than saying that the price drop was effective immediately.

swice3736d ago

Because you if you bought a 3DS before the price drop, you get 20 free downloadable games. Look it up

meganick3736d ago

Of course. People are waiting until August 12 when the price officially drops. Though I'm baffled as to why Nintendo didn't just make the price drop effective immediately upon their initial announcement.

fluffydelusions3736d ago

Probably hoping to make a profit off unknowing buyers.

Xander-RKoS3736d ago

Or letting people who want the free Ambassador games buy a 3DS at full price.

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