Five things that Kinect can't do (that Project Natal said it could) | Bitmob

A look back at the original Project Natal teaser trailer with a comparison of what Microsoft demonstrated and what the Kinect system can actually do.

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NagaSotuva3738d ago

I'm actually glad Project Milo was cancelled. Mix that game with object scanning and you're in for some M-rated stuff.

VINNIEPAZ3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

Not talking about you Naga...

But I swear gamers have to be some of the stupidest people on earth. I swear its like rabbits (fanboys) with carrots (flaimbait articles) in front of them waiting for a bite.


Here is the bottom line, I highly doubt ANYONE bought Kinect or Move thinking they were gonna be gods gift to gamers. Anyone with half a brain would know when you buy one of these "ad ons" you are gonna sit around and hope a game comes along once in a while that you would use these for. IMO that's just what they are doing.

If you only like Move, stay outta Kinect articles
If you only like Kinect, stay outta Move articles


gamingdroid3738d ago


Why o why3738d ago

smart people stay OFF the web when they could be doing more productive things other than getting annoyed at other gamers who dont share the same opinions as them on a gaming site *inhale*.

sometimes people like to debate/argue/put a point across on things they've tried, own or have an opinion on.

I kinda agree with you though;)

SilentNegotiator3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

People can criticize things and enter articles about things they intend to criticize.
They don't need your consent.

"Of importance in this scene is the fact that the game addresses Ian by his first and last name (Dixon). The host then sets comedy back a decade by making a Chuck Norris joke"

None of the motion mediums did what their initial trailers hyped up to do, many of them probably flirting with false advertisement. exception. Their trailers showed all sorts of things that Kinect hasn't done, shown off in real time, or is ever really going to do (As example, they mention quick Z-axis movements/reaction).

bruddahmanmatt3738d ago

I think most folks who were/are in the know had an inkling that Kinect wouldn't be capable of doing a good chunk of the things the marketing adverts suggested it would.

Pixel_Pusher3738d ago

Did MS dupe it's own customers? Just imagine if it was Sony/Move we were talking about instead of MS we would never hear the end of it from the bots.

"Also the fact that they’re dominating the black family by a 900 point margin is pretty racist."

Denethor_II3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

@Vinny(Replying to the first comment only to state that he's not replying to that comment)

I thought the article told the truth, and was also quite entertaining. But you must of found it offensive due to your obvious blind loyalty.

"If you only like Move, stay outta Kinect articles
If you only like Kinect, stay outta Move articles"

eeeerm no, now what?

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Snowii3738d ago ShowReplies(2)
Pikajew3738d ago

Its called marketing. Every company makes lies to get people to buy their stuff

Solid_Snake-3738d ago

agreed. we all remember 4D gaming claimed by a certain company.

Ducky3738d ago

Isn't gaming in 4D anyways?


fr0sty3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

Which is exactly what they were talking about... games who's environments change with time. And we've had that. We have 120fps as well, even if only on one game (SSHD in 3D mode).

Biggest3738d ago

Can someone help me find the advertisement for the 4D console? Or is someone sad that Project Natal was a lie and wants to pretend that everyone else made elaborate commercials and press events to hide the truth?

mac_sparrow3738d ago

@FatOldMan and Frosty,

Don't try to explain, there's none so blind as those who refuse to see. Plus, attractions such as Shrek 4D are warping consumers expectations, as well as being a bastardisation of the English language.

BrianG3738d ago

The difference is in the AD. I don't remember a 4D advertisement shown on TV. Maybe it was said, but not sure if it was ever advertised.

And as FatOldMan said, the 4th dimension of space is apparently time, so not really a lie.

Now I agree it is marketing, but it is ILLEGAL to to publicly market features for a product that simply do not exist.

The only way they would get away with this is if it was possible. But then the quality comes into play, is it as accurate as the commercial portrays? (Scanning, etc...)

gamingdroid3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

What about the tagline: "It only does everything".

Surely the PS3 doesn't make me a sandwich!

... or even worse, when Sony removed a feature that I paid for called OtherOS! Nothing in Sony's material said "choose between OtherOS OR the ability to play new PS3 games and blu-ray movies"!

DeadIIIRed3738d ago

@gamingdroid you could go onto the browser and order a sandwich from Dominoes or Jimmy Johns

Calvin_ISA3738d ago

"It only does everything" is said because it does do a massive amount of things, almost everything you would expect it to. It's just a slogan. Sort of like "It's scrumdiddlyumptious!", not everyone may agree, it's just a slogan to sell a product.

BrianG3738d ago


The "Only Does Everything" tagline is clearly a hyperbole. That is why it is acceptable to advertise.

But as far as Other OS. If you truly wanted other OS you could have kept it and not played more up to date games. But obviously not many want to do that, except for the scientists with the super computer clusters.

Sadly though features can be removed from all consoles, it is in the Terms and Conditions.

Look at it on the bright side, features get added. I didn't pay for 3D, but I get it now. I didn't pay for text chat rooms (cool IMO, can be useful), but I can use them now. Same goes for trophies, etc...

IMO OtherOS was a neat added feature, but certainly not as important as the gaming aspect of the console.

Rumor3738d ago

lol very entertaining read

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gamingdroid3738d ago

It's called embellishment, but as the article points out (at the end), it was a conceptualized i.e. not reality.

That said, everything this guy pointed out is doable and has been shown in one form or another. From the article:

1. *Hold a conversation with you.*
This is sort of implemented in Mass Effect 3. Kinect can understand the words you are saying and the rest is an AI problem. Nobody I know have sold that problem yet.

2. *...detect the kinds of movements shown.*
Kinect has shown to track even more subtle movements....

3. *..."scan" your gear into the game.*
Shown at E3 and is in Kinect Fun Labs.

4. *...facilitate a virtual "dress up.*
We saw something similar at E3 where Kinect was able to make an avatar look like you. However, this is not presently there

5. *...learn your name.*
Seriously? There is actually a lot of software out there, that does a great job of adding correct pronunciation in like GPS software for street names. Is that the only 5th thing you could fine?

I'm more amazed at what they actually were able to do. I didn't quite believe (and was more hoping) they would only able to do a portion of that, let a lone most of it.

That said, did anyone read this story whom talks about many of the difficulties needed to achieve what Kinect does?

Personally, I think Kinect is an awesome addition to my console. It isn't the sole focus, but get's plenty of support from MS making it a worthy accessory.

JOHN_DOH3738d ago

so what awesome games are you playing for kinect? If people keep supporting these awful games than microsoft will just keep giving them to you.

gamingdroid3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

Right now, from time to time, I enjoy Dance Central and Kinect Sports.

I'm looking forward to

- Fruit Ninja (Oh, yeah!)
- Gunslinger
- Ryse
- Fable: Journey
- Mass Effect 3
- Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
- Star Wars Kinect might peek my interest, but looks a little repetitive.
- The Japanese games announced sounds interesting too

Lots of stuff going on apart from Kinect Fun Labs and the dash integration.

Keep in mind, one man's [email protected] is another man's gold!

fr0sty3738d ago

yeah, but some take it to farther extremes than others do. Case in point:

Sony's E3 2005 Killzone demo:

They let it show not saying initially it was real time, though eventually their PR reps started to slip out hints that it was before GG finally revealed the truth about it. However... Unlike MS, they did not have a guy standing in front of the screen with a controller in his hand. Sony's wasn't even a lie at first, until their PR reps started saying it was real time (which may not have even been an official company position to take, it could have just been dumbass PR people talking out their butts as usual.). With Natal, we had MS presenting us with deliberately crafted lies. People playing (out of sync) with the star wars demo, Milo being faked, object scanning, all of these things they said we could do and they didn't deliver. Yeah, we got a basic form of object scanning in kinect fun labs, but not scanning your skateboard or anything they actually showed us to be used in an actual game.

So while both companies have indeed lied (Ninty doesn't seem to do it very often), MS is by far the worst about it. They are even the ones who coined the "toy story graphics" thing last gen with the Xbox, even though most try to blame that one on Sony.

blackmagic3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

Riiight... Those pesky PR people that talk out their butts! I guess Jack Tretton is one of those dumbass PR people talking out of thier butts when he told us all what Ted Price wanted us to know right?

Geoff Keighly: "There was Killzone. A lot of people were excited about that, people were wondering though, you know, was some of the stuff real, was it CGI, it looked so good, I mean, what was the sense from you, is there some stuff in there that's, you know, computer smoke and mirrors?

Jack Tretton: "It's definitely real. I guess we're pretty good at keeping secrets because the dev kits were out there, the dev kits were very intuitive so people did some pretty incredible things and that's one thing Ted wanted to make sure everyone understood, that is real gameplay everybody's seeing out there and I think the other advantage..."

Geoff Keighly: [Interrupting] "So it is gameplay, all that stuff is all gameplay?"

Jack Tretton: "It is gameplay."


HeavenlySnipes3738d ago

that vid wasn't real. The graphics of KZ2 are actually better than he video lol.

fr0sty3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

Do you even know who Ted Price is? He works for Insomniac, who developed Resistance. Not Killzone. That could have simply been a mistake (thinking of Resistance, not KZ), or he was dodging the question. Either way, I never denied Sony lied about it at some point. I was just pointig out the fact that they didn't lie about it up front the way MS did, they didn't have a guy fake playing the damn game out in front of everyone. That is my point.

And HS, while there are times when KZ's art direction looks better than that in the trailer, the overall quality of the animation, polygon models, texturing, AA, etc. are far above what was achieved in real time. They did come close enough to satisfy me, but I do notice the difference in just about every real time frame there is. Especially when it comes to anti-aliasing.

_Aarix_3733d ago

If the ps3 really sucks...why do i still need a girlfriend?

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Pl4sm43738d ago

i prefer to be holding a plastic gun than holding nothing imagining its a gun the sharpshooter for the ps3 is more of a win for me . all other kinect stuff is lied and boring .

paintsville3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

You right InNome
All I can say is Kinect= Rapidly growing library and RECORD setting sales. Move= Wii copy. Nuff said.

Why o why3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

A lot of the stuff they said probably had to take a step down because of that on board chip being removed. Some was fluff some was forced. What was disappointing was the faked demonstrations. Many bought into natal because of that. Im sure all company's fluff a few things up to make it more appealing to potential suitors...way of the world.

I personally didn't expect too much ∴ i wast pissed. The celebrities and faked shows kinda lessened my expectations. In fact some aspects were a whole lot better than i imagined. Sings n roundabouts

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