Mega Man where are you??

gameinfo writes: "I have played this game series for as long as I can remember. I can tell you the story was amazing, the gameplay was fantastic and the characters were some of the most greatest characters in history, well for me anyway. Now the one problem with this series, is the developer Capcom...." Hit the jump to read more

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firemassacre2730d ago

remember playing the first megaman the first day it came out. good times.

Darkseeker2730d ago

They made Megaman 9 and 10 with 8 bit NES graphics, why not do the same with Megaman X9 with SNES/PS1 visuals and release on PSN/XBLA?

TheMutator2729d ago

i prefer the snes graphics

Foxgod2730d ago

Maybe its time for capcom to drop the x, and zx and vxzx#*$& whatever.

And bring us some good old megaman, in 2d with great looking 3d graphics.
Even Sonic pulled it off with Sonic Generations, so i am sure Megaman can be properly revived as well.

ApexHell2730d ago

zx and zx advent can go to hell

but x and zero series were on par with original megaman series.

i agree they should make a 3D adaptation like sonic is doing.

J86blum2730d ago

I feel like its that episode of southpark where speilburg and lucas are porking indian jones. its Capcom porking Mega-Man.

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