Assassin's Creed Revelations: Animus Levels Will 'Surprise Gamers'

NowGamer: Expect the unexpected from the Animus environments in Assassin's Creed Revelations.

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Eamon2723d ago

Sounds interesting. Also, I hope we'll find out a lot about Desmond' past in the Black Room too. Like how he was born into an Assassin family in an Assassin Training Camp and why he left and decided not to be affiliated and live a normal life. And what happened to his parents?

Quagmire2722d ago

Its intereting to note how we know more about Ezio, and to a lesser extent Altair, despite Desmond being the narrative vehicle for these characters.

Why dont they explain more about Desmond, if he's so important to the story? I feel as though they are wasting Nolan North's talent with Desmond.

Eamon2722d ago

They will reveal eventually. They did promise to reveal Desmond's background in the Black Room somehow.

Have a bit of faith in Ubisoft :)

Reborn2723d ago

Hmm, could be interesting.

I hope it's as surprising as they claim.