Stop Complaining About Fees In MMORPGs!

Time and time again I will see people become somewhat interested in an MMORPG, only for them to turn the other way once they hear of a monthly service fee.

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TinaLauro2637d ago

Buying everything for CoD over a year versus doing the same as WoW would have you severely mor eout of pocket, but no one complains about that! :P

thrasherv32637d ago

Yeah, no one ever complains about their 15$ map packs. /s

Enate2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

TinaLauro how exactly do you come to that conclusion exactly? An FYI a lot of people complain about map packs. There are just a lot of people out there that are not full on gamers. An they play their cod an maybe 3 other games a year. So for them cod is all the fun they need like people who buy only sports games that's reality.

TinaLauro2636d ago

Want me to link you the math, matey? I'll do it up and stick it up in a post if you wish? :D Buying all that comes out for CoD IS more expensive, since WoW expansions are much more infrequent that monetised content for CoD.

Note I said "buying everything" - you would need to buy into all monetised content, which I recognise casual gamers may not do.

In terms of players not playing many other games bar CoD, sure this is true! This is also true for WoW, though. It has a similar level of marketing (thanks Activision :P) and so also reaches the casual market very well.


Enate2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

I was asking where you got the math from considering. About a month ago I had a friend looking into starting wow from scratch. $100 to start and 15 bucks every month there after. I wouldn't say it cost more to play cod at all. Plus on top of that you don't have to have to worry about a subscription running out when you want to play.

An the hint of sarcasm in you post is unneeded as I was being serious about the math. An I didn't say casuals didn't buy dlc. I said cod might be all they need which includes the dlc. Which is why I was saying some people don't mind the usually 2 map packs a year.

JakePayne2637d ago

There's no lifetime subscription. Not cool

jmobley2636d ago

I would pay for a lifetime sub for Wow, would save lots of money