Gametactics Reviews Dynasty Warriors Gundam: 3

The problem with Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3 isn’t that it’s a repetitive hack-and-slash. Dynasty Warriors is a series that spans over a decade’s worth of games. Anyone who has a problem with the basic nature of this game simply shouldn’t purchase it. Expecting the gameplay to radically shift is the video game equivalent of ordering a chili dog and being surprised that it’s not a filet mignon. Rich, well-prepared food is always welcome, but sometimes, nothing but a chili dog will do. It’s the same reason that wrestling games sell so well year after year, the same reason that the latest The Fast and the Furious dominates the box office while adding little to the series. Find out more when Gametactics reviewer Rob Dillman checks out Dynasty Warriors Gundam: 3 for the Xbox 360.

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Neko_Mega3571d ago

Oh ok, someone shouldn't review ths game. I don't see how the story is bad, let alone how any of the modes are bad.