UGO: Battlestar Galactica review

Yes! It's a real Battlestar Galactica game! Well, wait a minute. The first BSG game was released on the Xbox a few years back and it had gamers playing as young William "Husker" Adama in his first flights in the war against the evil Cylon forces. So this many years later and with the huge success of the Sci-Fi/Universal TV show, [gamers] obviously would be getting something even more epic with the great music and maybe some of those great characters playing a big role. Right?

Wrong. On all counts. What [the gaming world is] getting is a $10 Xbox Live Arcade title, ported unceremoniously to the PC with an inflated $20 price tag, that tries to follow some of the big battles of the show but simply falls flat. UGO gives Battlestar Galactica an overall rating of C-.

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