Why Dark Souls Will Overshadow Every Other 2011 Release

Gaming Irresponsibly gives you his best in explaining why Dark Souls stands apart and above the rest of the great AAA titles this summer.

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maskren2661d ago

Learning curves in many ways define the attraction of users to the gameplay experience.


Micro_Sony2660d ago

"Why Dark Souls Will Overshadow Every Other 2011 Release Except for Skyrim"


As much as I loved Demon Soul I dont think this game will over shadow Skyrim.

thorstein2660d ago

Buy both. They will be equally amazing but completely different experiences.

This is like comparing a gaming PC to the DS. Both are good at what they do, and other than being a game, they shouldn't be compared. I think Deus Ex has more in common with Skyrim than Dark Souls will.

baker_boi2660d ago

Skyrim's art style and gameplay(that I've seen) pales in comparison to what we've seen out of DARK SOULS.

But I guess Skyrim will come out being in the larger game in scale of the world.

Micro_Sony2660d ago

Where did I say I was only getting one? I will be buying both day 1 but just wanted to correct the headline.

malol2660d ago

im afraid that Dark Souls would be the game the gets over shadowed by other games

its just not getting any hype

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agentxk2661d ago

Dark Souls certainly won't go under the radar like demons souls did

Rushing_Punch2660d ago

it could, DS fans are the ones waiting for the game to come out

rezzah2660d ago

The fact that they made it harder might be another reason to add to why it may not be as popular as other games.

It seems that more people have their attention to UC3 in comparison to this game. Just saying.

Solidus187-SCMilk2661d ago

I loved DS and this game looks like more of what I loved from that game.

blitz0x2661d ago

Yeah, Im impressed :) Looking forward to it.

agentxk2661d ago

The mass of enemies is horrifying

firemassacre2661d ago

dark souls is not that accessible in terms of being a game that can overshadow everything in terms of "hype" don't get me wrong, this game "being inaccessible to casuals" is what makes it amazing! its meant to bring the best out of you and im sure it will be better than 99% of the games released in 2011.

now in terms of quality will it overshadow everything in 2011? in terms of being up thee in "quality" like uncharted 3? an astounding hell yes! this game can get game of the year. i cant wait for this masterpiece.

Rushing_Punch2660d ago

I'm sure there will be stupid people that still attack the game for it's difficulty though.

vickers5002660d ago

"better than 99% of the games released in 2011"

No. 75-80% maybe, but not 99%.

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The story is too old to be commented.