NCAA Football 12 Review (GoozerNation)

Mike Deneen from GoozerNation writes "Finally, the NFL lockout is over. For those paying attention, the subsequent shortened free agency player-grab has been like kids grabbing candy from a busted Piñata. It’s been fun for some, confusing to others, and downright frustrating for many more. Not to mention, this lockout has produced some of the best tweets and articles written by professional athletes (mainly by Viking’s punter Chris “Warcraft” Kluwe).

While this is cause for celebration, there is still another football phenomenon that will be sweeping the nation soon enough. The college football season is about to get underway as well. College football has no free agents, no trades, there are no threats of re-location to Los Angeles due to not getting a two billion dollar stadium; it’s just a lot of recruiting and the fact that you will be only keeping your players for three to four years max."

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solidsnake2222687d ago

More of the same if you ask me, I want Blitz: The League 3!