Port Royale 3 Announced

Kalypso Media is inviting gamers to take to the high seas for an exciting journey of discovery, trading and piracy with the announcement of Port Royale 3, the next in the series of hugely successful economic simulation games. Port Royale 3, will take players on a grand adventure where they can play as a heroic captain, villainous brigand or savvy merchantman. The game is currently in development by Kalypso Media’s own internal studio, Gaming Minds, and is scheduled for release in Q2 2012 for Windows PC and next generation consoles.

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Godmars2902635d ago

Take this concept and switch it with airships traveling to floating islands and I will like you.

Throw in mounter hunts, a tech/resource upgrade research tree and a captain customizer that includes busty wenches and I will love you.

JonahFalcon2635d ago

Looks like Port Royale is more like Pirates! now.