Teabot eyes-on preview: Hedone

Two tags you don’t see sitting alongside each other too often are MMO and FPS, and when I heard about Hedone – an online shooter with nuggets of role playing sprinkled in for good measure – the first thing that sprang to mind was popping into World of Warcraft with an Uzi and mowing down levels twos in a dwarf-filled bloodbath. And with a free-to-play system also firmly in place, this may well be the world’s first F2PMMOFPS. Now there’s a mouthful.

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Clance2727d ago

I only wish I had a PC that could run this... looks and sounds like fun. A decent blend.

Jaybop2727d ago

But it's coming to PSN and XBL too, dear Clance. You shall go to the ball.