RMT: Blizzard’s Doing it? So Then it Doesn’t Ruin Games?

Blizzard recently announced that it would be allowing players to buy and sell items in Diablo 3 to each other for real money. If we categories D3 it’s basically a Free2Play online RPG and as with the hundreds of other F2P online games, it will have an item shop, the only difference is that the items are being sold by the player themselves and not the game company.

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gamingdroid2638d ago

In one you are selling an entire personal account, in the other you are selling an item....

Persistantthug2638d ago

I wonder if these money transactions will take place on the console versions as well.

Gigglefist2638d ago

"Doesn't ruin games" You're making it seem like they have a past record of doing such. I can't think of a single Blizzard game that wasn't rock-solid

Chucky20032638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

they will ruin PC gaming,at least for me,what Ubisoft started ,Blizzard its taking it to another lvl with their stupid DRM,a constant internet connection,no offline gameplay and the save game will be on their servers,so in short i don;t own the game that i 've paid for,i mean fuck it,i don't always have an internet connection,and what if something will go wrong with my internet,things like that happen all the time,i will not be able to play the game,i will not be able to copy my saved game to another PC or laptop,i want to play this game on my laptop,and where i'm going there isn't an internet connection,what am i going to do?and what Blizzard is doing now and if people will not complaining will be the beginning for all games on PC to use the same system
I for one after this news lost my interest in this game,i won't buy it anymore,and Diablo 2 was one of my favorite games,but now there are so many games that i don't even care about the game

Then WTF did you even comment on it

Gigglefist2638d ago

I don't want it, but only because I don't like Diablo in general lol

Arthas2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

This is just Activisions money grubbing influence finally taking over at Blizzard. I'm sure this is just a way for Blizzard to keep D3 from having a subscription model while still making money to satiate the ever hungry beast that is Activision.

I for one love this idea. I dont know how many times Ive come across some super rare item in D2 just to have it rot away because it didnt fit my class / spec combo. Now i can actually make a little spare change from it :)

Odion2638d ago

I still don't get why people are making a big deal of this in Diablo 2 there was an entire site run by players who had to either pay real money or WoW gold for the sites own currency and then they would use that to buy and sell items and characters.

Drekken2638d ago

EXACTLY! People just love to complain before they even think about it. This doesn't make you unable to farm 6+ hours for the item you want.... You can still do it, or buy it. People seem to disregard the fact that if they find an item they dont need they can now sell it off...

All this and you can avoid ever having to deal with shady sites and being sold dupes that vanish once you enter a room with someone with the same duped item.

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