White PS3 Vault Case Makes a Surprise EVO 2011 Appearance

For as long as consoles have existed there have been people trying to customize them to fit their own personal style. Unfortunately, the coolest mods often void the systems manufacturer warranty. Thankfully, the good folks over at Calibur 11 have developed a way to mod your system case without the hassle of tearing it apart.

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beast242tru2637d ago

looks nice but i still rock a 80gig fatty even if i had the slim i wouldnt cover it up

Bleach2637d ago

Thats a great idea, if i had a slim id try it out.

WetN00dle692637d ago

Now those are some awesome looking case mods!

JohnMarston2637d ago

Case mods and PS3 dont mix.

JohnMarston2637d ago

I dont own a non-backwards compatible PS3 and I never will, so I dont care for the PS3 slim.