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"With how many times I've played Pac-Man and Galaga, I'm almost ready to make it a drinking game. I haven't figured out the details yet, but there should be something like "a shot for every ghost eaten" or "every Challenge stage reached needs to be followed by the chugging of a beer before the next stage". It would bring some new life to the franchises Namco Bandai has been re-releasing over and over again without much adjustment." - Kevin Schaller

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stormeagle62688d ago

Shot for every ghost eaten... alcohol poisoning imminent.

dbjj120882688d ago

As much as I want new games for my 3DS, this isn't one of them.

Jessica_Vazquez2687d ago

So you're telling me that the # 1 boss in Galaga dimensions is a tutorial screen?

insertcoin2687d ago

Why would you have a 3DS game with parts without 3D?