Battlefield 3 Online Pass needed to counter pre-owned market

MMGN writes: If EA does choose to implement the Online Pass into Battlefield 3 -- and it probably will -- retailers will need to look at other ways to generate profit from the highly-anticipated and sure-to-be multi-million seller. The game's value in the retail-exclusive revenue-generating pre-owned market will be too low to justify pre-owned sales, meaning retailers will be "stuck" selling brand new copies of a newly-released title.

Thankfully, most of the profits generated from the sales of the game will be going to the publisher and developer, hopefully to improve the service down the track. This is opposed to 100% of profit generated from a pre-owned sale of a newly-released product going directly to a party that has had absolutely no influence in the making and improvement of the product.

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Inside_out2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

Who wants to guess that this guy gets his games for free. Does he think gamers are really going to spend 120-130,140 or more for two games 2 weeks apart??? These scams will force more and more people to pick one game and ONLY play that game...your seeing that already with COD who's fan base doesn't care about anything else.

When a used game retailer sets up a store, who pays for that??? Who sets up the entire operation and what part does a garbage out fit like EA games pay for that??? They are providing a service for GAMERS, for people that PLAY the games. It doesn't matter if you are talking about magazines, controllers, consoles and yes, games, they are providing a SERVICE...should it be free??? Why doesn't EA or any other garbage pub set up there own stores...ahhh yes, we know the answer to that. It's 100% profit for them and no one else.

What a joke of an article trying to prop up this parasite EA, who made 200 million last quarter and paid, depending on who you talk to 700 million to 1.3 billion for a company that basically sells apps...O_o

These guys are always playing poor...ALWAYS. You think gamers should pay for a DEMO...well friends, these guys want to implement that. What excuse will you make for them then???

Look at these two crooks ( Jason and Vince )from Infinity Ward, who were in line to get 18 million each...yes, 18 million EACH and another 84 million ( 800,000 for each employee plus their salary for 2 years work ) for the whole infinity ward team...and yet, they wanted to leave Activision and take the franchise with them. If you think these guys need more money, your a lost cause.

wicko2634d ago

I don't feel sorry for anyone that buys used games from gamestop. Half the time you can find the game on sale new for cheaper than gamestop's used prices, it's your own damn fault for not doing some research.

CrimsonEngage2634d ago

If you want to counter the pre-owned market why not print " Product not available for re-sell" on the back?

Canned goods and other merchandise usually have labels like that.

electricshadow2634d ago

That doesn't stop Gamestop from re-selling games. A perfect example is when the Motorstorm bundle came out a few years ago. A lot of the used copies of Motorstorm had 'Product Not Available For Re-Sale" on the back. Even I traded in my copy I got with my 80 GB Phat PS3 and they took it no problem.

CrimsonEngage2633d ago

Then it's the developers problem for not using that to their advantage and suing gamestop when the box clearly states "not available for re-sale".

hazelamy2634d ago

and also rather ironically those who support this crap completely ignore the fact that it's our property these arseholes are deliberately devaluing.

as for the suggestion that 100% of the profit of a preowned sale going to somebody who has absolutely no influence in the making of the product.
well that's just wrong.
what about the person who bought the game in the first place, they paid for the game new.
but no, sheep who support this bullshit always forget about the innocent victims don't they.
they bleat about how the stores are making too much money off preowned sales.
then take it up with the fucking stores, don't punish the people who buy your fucking identikit games.

no other fucking industry has this hard on for getting what they have no right to like gaming does.

and in no other industry would fucking morons be defending the industry screwing over it's own customers like some fucking gamers do.

the fact is, and despite what fucking fanboys say, it is a fact, the publisher has no legal right to any profits from a preowned sale.
when i buy a game, it becomes my property.
if i sell it i get the money.
and you're trying to tell me the publisher should have a cut if i sell my property?
fuck that noise.

Hufandpuf2634d ago

EA's stance is, if we have to pay for you to play the game online, then it would make no sense in letting the consumer buy a pre-owned version and not see a dime of that money.