Why isn’t No More Heroes for PS3 attracting any attention?

SFG writes: In a few weeks time, there will be a CORE game released with Move support, but it has not received much attention. This title is, No More Heroes: Paradise, from the wild mind of Suda 51. I was excited a while back, when they announced that the Wii game will be ported to the PS3, with HD visuals. I really enjoy using my Dualshock controller, but I feel the Move and Navigator combo, has really became a viable option. I know I am probably in the minority, but with the PS3 receiving up-scaled PS2 games, I have hoped for the same with Wii third party titles. The Move has been described as a more precise Wii set-up already, so why not bring us those titles that were gems, but didn’t sell. We have had a few ports already, like LOTR: Aragorn’s Quest and Dead Space: Extraction, but I expected more.

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NotSoSilentBob2635d ago

PS3 gamers have better games to be playing/looking forward too. Just because you port a game to the system doesn't mean it will sell. NMH2 wasn't good on the wii what makes people think it will do better on a system that has better games out and coming out?

tunaks12635d ago

"NMH2 wasn't good on the wii"

ur words are fact.

Persistantthug2635d ago

So expecting tons of people to be excited over an already released game is a bit overzealous.

Cardenjs2635d ago

I haven't finished the demo yet, I thought that I would be swinging the beam-katana with the Move controller, but swinging is still just a single button. The biggest factor for the Move is recharging the sword, but the Move controller isn't as waggle sensitive so its not as effective as it was on the Wii

Cajun Chicken2635d ago

I would have agree with that after renting it. They really need to sort some kind of calibration patch for the charging alone.

Just_The_Truth2635d ago

yeah i thought i'd be 1 to 1 swinging but no it's button mashing instead and a swipe as a finish.

Hicken2635d ago

Probably because of CoD, Battlefield, and Uncharted.

dorron2635d ago

Maybe because it's pure crap?

OwNizzleD2635d ago

Because I played the demo

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