PlayStation Store Preview – August 2, 2011: A Time to Kill Team

Want to know what is coming to the PlayStation Store this week? Find out in PSLS' weekly PlayStation Store Preview, complete with confirmed content, as well as a look into the future in their coming soon section.

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Myst4434d ago

One other thing that should be noted though I'm sure quite a few will not care is the Brink DLC.

Sev4434d ago

Thanks! Added. Forgot all about that. We covered it, too!


BattleAxe4434d ago

Are you guys not listing rumored content anymore?

Canary4434d ago

First batch of Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 DLC is supposed to be out tomorrow, too.

IIRC, it will include 2 DLC missions and Weaboo-san's mobile suit.

Gotta love how NB waits until virtually ~none~ of the fans who bought the game care about the DLC any more.

TooTall194434d ago

Hey I'm excited for that Brink DLC.

Myst4434d ago

lol like I said quite a few not everybody under the sun. I have Brink and am curious about the DLC.

JonnyBigBoss4434d ago

Toy Story + LittleBigPlanet = BEAST.

dragon824434d ago

Agreed. I will be picking it up for sure. I already have the Toy Alien costume from my Collector's Edition. :)

dbjj120884434d ago

I'm much more excited for Space Marine than I am Kill Team.

DrRichtofen4434d ago

I need inFAMOUS 2 avatars NOW!

M-Easy4434d ago

I think you needed to pre-order for those.

T3mpr1x4434d ago

Weeks like this are good for anyone's backlog.

decimalator4434d ago

Are you saying you aren't a big Brink or Homefront fan? ;-)

dragon824434d ago

Loved HOmefront online. I will probably be picking up the DLC.

Insomnia_844434d ago

Homefront's multiplayer is good!! Level 56 now. That chrome weapon camo is sweet!

SwampCroc4434d ago (Edited 4434d ago )

yeah I also loved Homefront multiplayer... it was quite refreshing. but I eventually got rid of it...

it never updated my stats... I would level up and unlock the new stuff as you advance... but when I would go to look at my k/d and other stats none of them ever updated after the first time I played MP..

but it's nice to see they have DLC considering THQ canned like half of the team that made the game.

I also had Brink.. but that wasn't anything what they were trying to say it was... so I no longer have that either..

I'll see what the new discounts will be this week... they seem to be in a pretty good habit of offering more than just the new releases...

I think the outage a few months back opened eyes... so they are going to make sure we have a constant stream of new and/or discounted titles.