FTG Review: Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet (XBLA)

Summer of Arcade continues to attempt to fill the summer gaming drought with downloadable gaming goodness with this week’s addition, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet from Fuel Cell Games. Is it worth your time and Microsoft Points?

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Imp0ssibl34740d ago

Probably one of the better games of summer of XBLA, but, unfortunately , I suck at these games :S


2 more titles arrive for Xbox One backwards compatibility – Are they worth a return?

Carlos writes "It seems like the free-flowing backwards compatible arrivals making their way to Xbox One this month have been never ending. Of course, that’s a great thing for those of us with a healthy library of Xbox 360 games, looking for several hours of nostalgic enjoyment, but recent days have seen two more fresh faces make the desirable trip to Xbox One. But the question is are they worth the return?"

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neil3632664d ago

Not a fan of BC and will never play one but those are two great little games that are well worth checking out... If you hadn't previously

OC_MurphysLaw2664d ago

LOL... "Not a fan of BC" So are you a fan of throwing money in the garbage then? I don't get how anyone could be anti BC for games? I would think anyone who has spent money on games would at the minimum want at least the choice to play them on a future system even it is highly likely they wouldn't because of choice.

gyggyg2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

LOL... So if someone isn't a fan of BC that means they're Anti-BC? Nowhere in his comment did he claim anything about the whole "project" of BC, or about what other people should do/want.

My brother isn't a fan of BC either, but would support BC since he understands why others may want it.

Edit: I'm not a fan of the pizza place on the corner of the block (that I understand lots of other people like), but i'm definitely not "Against" it. Or are you going to claim that of me too?

neil3632662d ago

Oops, sorry, let me clarify.

I've personally got zero interest in playing old Xbox 360 games that I have played to death over the years. I bought an Xbox One to play new games - something which are in plentiful supply and taking up more time than I have. I don't know off-hand how many games are releasing on Xbox One each and every week, but through Indie titles and the usual blockbusters, there is more than enough to stop me having to delve into the back catalogue of stuff I've already played.

I own a ton of 360 titles and was there from Day One of Xbox 360's life. Most of those games are now BC, but not once since the whole feature came into play have I even been tempted to play one of them again. I played them before, I enjoyed them, but that's where I now want to leave them - In the past whilst I enjoy newer stuff. The few games I didn't play, well, if I didn't want to play them when they first released, why on earth would I want to play them now?

But, that's not to say I don't see a place for BC. I've got numerous friends who use the feature on a regular basis, and my kids are more than happy to drop back in and play stuff that either they were too young to play initially, or just hop back into for 5 minutes. But me? Not interested I'm afraid.

As for the old movie line - nope, very very VERY rarely watch a film twice either. In fact, I couldn't tell you the last time I did that.

Trekster_Gamer2664d ago

Your logic is ludicrous..
So you have played all BC title's?

Answer NO...

Why would one not enjoy BC?

If there is a game you always wanted to play now​ playable most likely with a better framerate and newer controllers?

gyggyg2663d ago

... Unless he's edited his comment, Neil363 didn't even make an argument for you to tell him his logic is ludicrous. So if anything, your logic is ludicrous. He never said people shouldn't enjoy BC, or that all BC games aren't great.

He made two points: He said he's not a fan of BC (and doesn't play them). And he said he thinks these are two great games.

He never even denied BC may be of value to others (worth pursuing).

And if I may, BC is like watching movies twice. People either like doing that or they don't. I like BC, and re-watching movies, but why would I jump on someone who says they don't?

nevarDcirE2663d ago

Great analogy...

Watching movies a second time, if you've already seen it once.

But what if a classic movie got offered to you, one you've never seen, but you know that it is considered a classic. Every time there's a conversation about favorite movies of all time, it gets a mention.

Would you watch it?

gyggyg2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )


To answer your question: If there was a classic movie that was offered to me, that I had never seen, I would watch it.

I don't exactly know if you were suggesting anything more or less with your comment, and I won't claim you said things you didn't (like some other posters on this thread). But, I may as well add that I am generally in support of console BC. Mostly, I believe that it should ideally be in the "old-fashioned" form of just putting the disc in the console, or redownloading it from the store, and playing (rather than MS/XB1's game-by-game basis, or Sony's model: exclusively re-sold online, or via subscriptions).

I can see how your analogy about the classic movie makes a good point (there are many who never got a chance to play). And I agree. However, I hope you also see the other side of it: 1) Those games are still adequately accessible by using the old consoles. And so whatever classic movie in the analogy should also be viewable with another functioning format. 2) At what point do we draw a line between what is considered classic (to be BC or not, like XB1's model).. OR, if we go via the classic model of native BC, then at what point do we draw a line before we determine diverting a few more resources to things like a lower console cost or new/unique IP development is more important than BC

Why let what I want, or what I like, get in the way of admitting the downsides?

tyasia02664d ago

To busy playing Persona 5 to play games from last gen, sorry.

tyasia02664d ago

I agree with you completely. Who cares about BC when your console has tons of new games to play month after month?

Death2664d ago

Persona 5 = "tons"...

Explains why so many hardcore fans feel there is so much more to play on PS4.

Phill-Spencer2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

Nioh, horizon, nier, persona, yakuza, just released this year and are mostly 40+ hours games (don't know about nier though). So yeah it is hard to keep up and creation of a backlog is almost inevadaleble so there isn't any time for last gen games. When you have a job and maybe even a family you can't game 24/7 . i know xbox gamers don't know problems like these because they have plenty of time between releases for multiple runthroughs and hours in mp.

mark_parch2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

well done i see the ps4 fanboys have managed to turn a simple xbox article into a console war again. look if you ps4 fanboys aren't interested in xbox get the fuck outta xbox articles and stop ruining the comment section for normal people

Phill-Spencer2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

I can't speak for others. But i like to have all consoles because usually there are always games worth owning the device for. But this gen xbox's lineup sucks big time imho and i can't understand xbox fans celebrating hardware rather than demanding enough games from the richest company of the big 3. i know games can't be made in 6 months but at least ms should show they are willing to deliver by founding new first party studios instead of cancelling games and releasing new hardware. Ofcourse some just hate xbox because of fanboy reasons but i'm, though i'm primarly a ps4 gamer, are just disappointed by the way they handle and handled their xbox division. Before this gen started i really hoped ms learned from the 360 and og era and deliver approbriate but made everything worse.

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roland822664d ago

Not to busy to come into a article about something you don't care about though

tyasia02664d ago

Haha, clever...

But to be fair I am in front of a computer all day and I only get a few hours to play games per day.

Kiwi662664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

Yet you probably play ps3 games on your ps4 and for someone who doesn't like ms/xbox why do you spend most of your time talking about it more than you do for ps so no matter what others say there are people who like bc its only haters who say its a waste

Trekster_Gamer2664d ago

Because that is what troll's do

ShottyatLaw2664d ago

That game you're too busy playing is also available on a last gen console.

Bigpappy2663d ago

PS fans bragging about Japanese publisher choosing to not release their games on PS4 and not X1 as a way to down play DC. They even use that a reason to not support Scorpio.

Can you guys ever stay on topic?

tyasia02663d ago

What? You salty because Xbox has no games?

The irony is the game was literally on PS3, graphics don't make a game good.

BTW i'm also playing Horzon Nier Yakuza 0 Gravity Rush 2 Tales of Berseria The Last Guardian. These are some of the reasons I'm didn't buy an Xbox, Detroit Spiderman God of War The Last of Us 2 Uncharted Lost Legacy those are some of the reasons I'm not buying a Scorpio.

Oh btw my comment was on topic the topic was...

"2 more titles arrive for Xbox One backwards compatibility – Are they worth a return?"

I said no...

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hiawa232664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

I got hundreds of 360 games so the more they put on BC, saves, DLC intact, no extra cost, enhanced with the X1 X1S, even further enhancement with the Scorpio, in the future, I am happy as a fiddle, as great games never get old to this gamer. I hope the Ninja Gaiden, Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon games get added. Love BC.

Lets not get it twisted, many of us own all the consoles so we all got new games to play, hell, there are many good third party games to play on both platforms, haven't finished many of my first party games, plenty to play on my roster, so the no games argument is hilarious to me.

Supernintendo852664d ago

I like what some are saying about commenting on an article that they don't care about lol. I don't care who you are, the amount of games that came out on the Xbox 360 was staggering. I could never catch up there were so many. To have the "choice" to purchase a game that was originally $50-$60, nearly a fraction of the price it was launched at, please, give me more.

NotoriousWhiz2664d ago

Civilization revolution is on sale this week for $8.99