Genji: Days of the Blade New Videos

Latest videos showing beautiful water effects and surroundings, armor and clothing feature intricate detail.

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Eternal E 8085875d ago

did i find that all them videos made me lmao.

PS3 Ultimate5875d ago

I'm embarrassed to even look at them. But oh well, it will be a big seller in Japan I'm sure.

FeralPhoenix5875d ago

I think that the 1st video looked pretty good....alot better than some of the pics I saw earlier.

gokuss1220025875d ago (Edited 5875d ago )

I don't see anything next-gen about that game, just look at the narrow fighting areas, the A.I didn't seem amped and it definately ain't the graphics. Seems a little 360ish if you ask me(You know, sligthly better graphics than current-gen with not really much else). This game must be multi-platform game posing as a PS3 exclusive just to get the hype from PS3 to push the game (and what is that 480p) because they couldn't have made that specifically for the PS3 from the ground up. Seriously can someone please point out something, anything next-gen about this game.(and it better not be "real-time character changing")
P.S. this game does nothing but make Blueray seem useless, which by the way wouldn't be Sony's fault 'cause they've provided the neccesary "tools", its up to the Devs to "build" the game.

DJ5875d ago

Yeah, i'm gonna have to push this game into the Untold Legends section right now. True, it does look better in motion, but the gameplay itself looks slow and boring.

I'm gonna have to go with Gokuss. It does seem a bit 360-ish.

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The story is too old to be commented.