PS3's Worst Exclusives That We Wish Never Existed

"No one can argue that Sony's PS3 is packed with some of the best games that have ever been released, much less released this generation. It looks like the library and variety is only getting better with every passing day. Let’s be honest though, not every title that hits the PS3 exclusively in North America smells like roses. A few of the games released here and there have blemished the reputation of the powerful PS3."

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BeaRye4391d ago

Why does Last Rebellion get such a bad rap? There aren't a lot of RPGs on the PS3. LR isn't that bad.

Godmars2904391d ago

For what should have been a PS2 title? No its not.

Sadly, it was on the PS3. Something that was made all the worse because there were obviously better looking titles out before it.

Istanbull4391d ago

Why do we always see such lists about PS3 but never about any other system? It just shows PS3 is the most known and superior console. Every publicity is good publicity, like Eazy-E said.


LAIR was a freagin good game, yes the controls are hard but once you figured it out its GREAT!

SOCOM: Confrontation was bad at launch, but after the dozen patches it got, its a solid 8/10 in my books!

Last Rebellion: Its not bad, but its also not good, its just mediocre. Like all the 360 rpg's out there like Last Remnant or Infinite Undiscovery. But when the PS3 gets a bad game, they're making it frontpage news and can't stop talking about it.

STK0264391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

Lair was awful (at launch), the graphics were good, the sound was great, but the gameplay was awful, and what made it even worse, is when they said that Lair used the SIXAXIS because it couldn't be done without it, yet they released a patch allowing the game to be played without the SIXAXIS, proving that the mandatory SIXAXIS controls were only a way to push said SIXAXIS. I must admit I haven't played Lair since that update, so I can't judge the "final" game.

SOCOM confrontation was just as awful at launch, I still can't believe that the loading times weren't improved from the beta when the game launched; what's the point of having a beta if the biggest problem with the game isn't going to be fixed months after the game launched?

The only game on that list that was worth playing when I did (usually at launch) was Haze, thanks to the co-op. Not a great game, but playable and enjoyable in co-op.

Edit : sorry about Lair, I thought they said that before the release, but I could be wrong. And please don't call me lazy for not liking Lair.

Daver4391d ago


what are you talking about... they never said Lair could not be made without Sixaxis..

Personally, i enjoyed Lair a lot, still one of my favourite game but sure it was not perfect but it worked very well with sixaxis only people who are too lazy or people who listened to others without trying it found it was not worth it.

malamdra4391d ago

I rather have have lots of exclusives and some of them bad than having 2 or 3 good exclusives per year

CameronL994391d ago

This is a recycled list from years ago, notice how old all these games are?

Jezuz4391d ago

Istanbull, are you blind? There's list of everything on this site don't just weight it all on the PS3

lil Titan4391d ago

SOCOM was trash
i didnt get to play Lair
Haze embarrassed itself
Genji was not that bad
and didnt get to play Last Rebellion but there need to be the same amount of RPGs on PS3 as there where on PS2. i actully need to go back and finish Rogue Galaxy

KeiserSosay47884391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )


I played ff13 on ps3 and it was pretty weak, nothing against my ps3.....but a little game called Lost Odyssey smoked that game in my book, something you forgot to mention with the rest of those other mediocre RPGs....
Edit: plus...ff13 didn't have Mr. Uematsu....LO did....

Godmars2904391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

Seriously, have we - as in the whole of the Internet community - not gone on and on about how FFXIII either didn't deliver or isn't as bad as those who insist that it didn't deliver?

And WTF is the point of bringing up Lost Odyssey much less acting like FFXIII wasn't released on the 360 and the argument that started?

More to the point, why are you even bring up FFXIII or JRPGs in general?

ButterToast4391d ago


Jesus Christ! thank you! I really enjoyed Lair as well. I feel like if you got over the learning curve you enjoyed enjoyed the game. I played with motion controls and couldn't imagine playing it any other way!

TheDeadMetalhead4391d ago

After buying Neptunia at launch, enjoying it and seeing it get ripped to shreds as much as Last Rebellion, I now feel compelled to try Last Rebellion. Especially since it's only $20 now.

Vherostar4391d ago

I think every console has a list like this the wii more so..

malamdra4390d ago

there's so many exclusives that some are bound to suck

nobody even remembers Afrika, it's hard to believe there's a PS3 exclusive about taking pictures of animals

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killcycle4391d ago

I got Lair on release and for it's time i enjoyed it.
It was the first Ps3 game allowed to be played with the psp via Remote play.

Socom Confrontation suffered from a ton of bugs and daved data corruptions at launch but true fans of the franchise stuck with it and enjoyed it. It's a good game.

Haze freaking SUCKED

AAACE54391d ago

This goes along with what I said in the past about us forcing ourselves to like certain games because we want to believe they are good. But when we look back, we realize those games weren't good at all, they were just what we had to play at that time!

My idea of a good game is when you buy it, you have lots of fun with it. Several years later, you can still play it and get a few kicks out of it and you can probably get your friends to enjoy it as well!

Baka-akaB4391d ago

"There aren't a lot of RPGs on the PS3. LR isn't that bad. "

Nope even then there were too many jrpgs , most good to even dare say that

darkziosj4391d ago

last rebellion sucks major ass, theres some awesome jrpgs on the ps3 but dude that was awfull

TheDivine4391d ago

Its HORRIBLE bro. It might seem ok because well you said it there are no good rpgs on the ps3 other than multis like ff13, eternal sonata, and star ocean 4. Ps3 really fell off hard this gen with jrpgs, the 360 has all the amazing ones. I cant comment on other games but sometimes games do get a bad rap like too human which i loved to death. I thought lair looked interesting myself.

playboi284391d ago

There are plenty of JRPG's on the PS3. A lot of them are NIS games like Hyperdimension Neptunia, Trinity Universe, Disgaea 3, etc. There are also games like Valkyria Chronicles, White Knight Chronicles, and others..

madjedi4391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

@divine Wtf are you smoking, 360 has all the amazing ones, congratulations you have lost odyessy and dbz i mean blue dragon and what else exactly? The ps3 had a slow start with jrpgs this gen, "the ps3 fell off hard with jrpgs" lay off the drugs.

More like you fell on your head hard, and are forgetting that shooters are the dominant genre this gen.

A 360 jrpg gamer ,-_- yeah umm considering the number jrpgs your missing on the ps3, whatever stick to shooters and action adventure games on the 360, because you sure as hell aren't a jrpg gamer.

First time i ever ran to an idiot 360 gamer claiming the xbox has all the jrpgs, the very fact you exclude the many ps3 jrpgs tells me your full of sh^t.

Marceles4391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

Honestly none of those games were all that bad. They were only bad because they came out during a time when EVERY PS3 GAME had to be 11/10 or else it was a complete flop. Well...not Last Rebellion, but it's not like that many exclusive RPGs came out to begin with other than Valkyria Chronicles and Disgaea 3.

ryan_s4390d ago

the story wasnt that good but the fight was great idea and the graphics are bad and its short but i wouldnt say its the worst rpg on the ps3

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vgchica4391d ago

You haven't really played through the game then because Last Rebellion is horrible. There are plenty of decent RPGs (WRPG and JRPG) on the PS3 now.

Orange4391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

name some....what I mean is, I want to get a few. I've already played through Persona 3 and Persona 4 for the PS2 on my bc launch model, and loved both.

the only other jrpg i've picked up is Valkyrie Chronicles, which sadly i haven't given too much of a chance b/c i found the cut scenes to be overly wordy and long (yes, I know it's a jrpg). i'm interested in ME2, but cannot stomach shelling out $55 when the xbox version is selling for $20.

mandf4391d ago

Socom wasn't bad. It was a decent game. People just love to hate on it.

SuperStrokey11234391d ago

When it first came out it was terrible, so many issues. With patches though it become much better. I enjoyed it even though i was terrible at it.

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Emilio_Estevez4391d ago

Have not played any of these, probably won't now.