Genji: Days of the Blade Updated Impressions

The whole game simply looks very sharp, and to be honest, many of the screenshots released as of yet don't really do it justice - you need to see it running in person on a nice HD monitor to really see the details.

SjaakHaas6439d ago


That one never gets old! :P


Top 10 Worst Video Game Console Launch Titles

From Perfect Dark Zero to Fighter Within - we take a look back at the games that were terrible alongside their console launches.

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Sciurus_vulgaris2823d ago

I highly doubt Perfect Dark Zero is one of the worst launch games ever. The game held a good sized player base during the early years of the 360 and got good reviews. PDZ is disappointing game, not a terrible one, I don't see how it's worse than Game Party Champions (24% on metacritic).

ScreenGurus2823d ago

I guess its subjective. For me PDZ wasn't a great launch game. I was one of the idiots that ran out and bought it for £50 here in the UK and it just never made me think "That was worth".

I guess I can see what you're seeing - but for me that personal experience just soured the well for me in regards to PDZ. I encourage discussion over that because I appreciate that its always going to be subjective.

Sciurus_vulgaris2823d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

PDZ had a huge legacy to live up to, being a prequel to what is often listed as greatest 5th gen console shooter, Perfect Dark (alongside Goldeneye) . Also, PDZ came out a year after Halo 2, and didn't have on-par production quality with it. PDZ singleplayer had the same major flaws as the original, bad voice acting, and poor writing, which hampered the singleplayer. The aiming could of also been smoother and player movement more comparable to the original. The mp unlike the singleplayer (which isn't terrible ) was well received at the time for it's content.

Kribwalker2823d ago

I'm sorry but perfect dark zero and kameo were both great launch games. The 12 vs 12 online multiplayer with split screen had my wife and me playing it from launch till ghost recon came out in March and then some and Kameo was a great platformer that still has people asking for a sequel. The majority of the list is pretty good, but definitely those two shouldn't be there

ScreenGurus2823d ago

I didn't put Kameo in the list. I felt Fifa was a bigger abomination on the 360's launch lineup (As well as King Kong). I don't get the hate Kameo gets sometimes.

Kribwalker2823d ago

"Rare also delivered two titles for the consoles launch; neither of which were particularly any good. Kameo was deeply flawed but retained a level of charm for next-gen gamers and managed to disappear under the radar. Instead the focus of hate fell squarely on Perfect Dark Zero."

Pretty much did, definitely dragged it through the mud for sure

christocolus2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

I think i agree with Kribwalker. I never played Pdz until Rare replay but going by reviews there've been worse launch titles out there and your article ridiculed Kameo and yet that game was one of the best 360 titles. It was fun, charming and it scored quite well,fans have also been clamoring for a sequel. I think you based your article entirely off your personal opinions and tastes and it's ok and may be Pdz deserves to be on your list but Kameo imo should never have been dragged in there.


Thanks for the videogamer link. I was just searching for it online.

ScreenGurus2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

(In response to the second comment)

I was more alluding to the cold response it got. I never got around Kameo but I remember it getting a fairly shaky response from everyone at the time.

As said, there were several other much more worthy names which were worse.

Kribwalker2823d ago

But it didn't have a bad rap. It actually sold quite well (for a platformer on a MS system) and has a 79 metacritic which is typically quite high for a launch game and still is widely requested for a sequel

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Which Launch Title Would Make You Buy a PS4?

That illustrious Sony press event on February 20th is just one week away, and with the PS4 reveal entirely possible (in a huge venue nonetheless), we wanted to end our three weeks of PS4 questions on the games. So, the PlayStation LifeStyle staff was asked:

Which Launch Title Would Make You Buy a PS4?

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TrendyGamers4086d ago

Uncharted 4 would definitely make me buy one.

Relientk774086d ago

That's exactly the game I want

blitz06234086d ago

Killzone 4
NEW Naughty Dog IP

RGB4085d ago

Uncharted 4 (Got Vita day 1 because of Golden Abyss)
Gran Turismo 6
Killzone 4

The Getaway... would be epic, think Sony cancelled that because the PS3 couldn't handle a fully mapped City of London with HD visuals.

unchartedxplorer4086d ago

Maybe Gran Turismo 6.. now that'll be awesome

Hanif-8764086d ago

If that's a release title i'd buy two PS4's ;-)

JoGam4086d ago

I'll buy all so far. No game i heard coming out seems wack.

akaakaaka4086d ago

Idk uncharted 4 will be like a bonus..

for me it will be more like the PS4! And the new technology ..
good games will come out eventually ..

But if it launch with
Killzone or a new GG IP, or MS4, TLOU I will make lines a day before!! Or will find a way to get it earlier from the "black market"

Saigon4086d ago

it doesn't matter to me because it is a day one purchase regardless of the games...This is the same with the new Xbox also...

Snookies124085d ago

Are we sure there will be one? I mean, look at the history of Naughty Dog. Crash 1-3(PS1), Jak and Daxter 1-3(PS2), Uncharted 1-3(PS3). Those are main games sure, but they seem as if they like making new trilogies for each generation.

HarryMasonHerpderp4085d ago

The Last Guardian or FF Versus XIII.
(I know they are supposed to be PS3 games)

4085d ago
morkendo234085d ago (Edited 4085d ago )


any game that not a first person shooter,multiplat.