Retrospective: Unforgettable Gaming Moments - #2: The First Zombie (

"Our inaugural Unforgettable Gaming Moments piece took us back to the early ‘90s, when pioneering first-person shooter Wolfenstein 3D pitted us against a mechanical-augmented Adolf Hitler. In our latest entry, we take a look back at the classic survival horror outing Resident Evil, recalling the moment players come face-to-face with their first walking corpse."

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IRetrouk3349d ago

first thing that made me jump was the dogs bursting through the windows, was unexpected

Akth8r3349d ago

That live action intro back in the days, that was scary...i was 8...

banditscout3348d ago

That is one of the most memorable moments in gaming for me. I was 11 when it came out, and nearly crapped my pants. I love that scene so much, I ALMOST bought a Wii yesterday to buy RE: Archives. Amazing.
I want to go back in time to re-experience it (for the first time).