These Five Modern Games Should Never have Gotten a Sequel

GPT: "2011 is harboring some extremely anticipated AAA titles set to arrive near the end of the year. While the fourth quarter is traditionally when the big sequels and games launch, let's not forget the games which weren't so worthy of sequels. Here are five modern games that should never have become series."

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BeaRye3416d ago

Prototype aka Infamous wannabe.

LOGICWINS3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

Ignorant comment. If anything Prototype was meant to be an escalation of Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction since the same team made this and Prototype. Work began on Prototype YEARS before anyone knew about Infamous.

EDIT: Btw, Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction > Prototype IMO.

SoapShoes3416d ago

Really? I remember infamous was announced around 2007? Anyway it was very long before it released.

SageHonor3416d ago

Ehh Prototype... I did not like that game.

ian723416d ago

I got inFamous and Prototype when they released a few years ago and enjoyed them both. IMO Prototype was a good game. The graphics were quite poor, but everything else was alright.
Changing the main character that you play though doesn't seem quite right, but if it goes with the story then it has to happen I suppose.

FCOLitsjustagame3416d ago

Prototype was a good game and I am replaying it now and its just as fun as I remember. I will easily buy the sequal (as long as they dont break it).

Two Worlds was also a fun(if campy) game, but it needed a LOT of work for a sequel. I hear Two Worlds 2 did a good job but have not played it the first one was probably funner for me because I bought it cheap. :)

I dont care about the rest of those games.

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