Bastion Review (Gameplay Today)

GPT: "Summer of Arcade has always been a rather successful event for Microsoft, and whichever XBLA game spearheads the event has a lot to hold up to. With AAA smash hits like Castle Crashers and LIMBO still fresh in the minds of gamers both casual and hardcore, the first of the five titles is at a serious disadvantage. Bastion was chosen as the leader this year, and despite some minor hiccups it is mostly a wonderful experience."

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GunShotEddy3615d ago

I wish all XBLA games were as good as Summer of Arcade titles.

vgn243615d ago

Don't believe the "Summer of Arcade" hype. There are good games released year round. That's not to say anything negative about Bastion, but look at Super Meat Boy for an example.

charlescox43615d ago

Love this simple lil game. Sequel please.