In-depth Review: Thor: God of Thunder - Electronic Theatre

The game plays as a modern scrolling beat-‘em-up, akin to the likes of Devil May Cry, Ninja Gaiden or, as most comparisons are likely to be drawn, the God of War series. Those comparisons are justified however, as that’s obviously where Liquid Entertainment has taken much inspiration from. Everything from the evolving combo combat system to the varied effects of the unlockable weaponry, the way those weapons are unlocked and the decision to offer collectable items as the measurement of success for your health and abilities meters can be traced back to Kratos’ legendary adventures. Of course you might say that many games have similar foundations, and you’d be right, but it’s the proximity of Thor: God of Thunder’s mechanic to those of Sony’s adult brawler: at times, you might just think it’s a God of War game reskinned. Sadly, it’s not as such a pleasure to play as that would be.

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