7 Bad Dating Tips I Learned from My Xbox 360

Kotaku - Lonely? Unlucky in love? I used to be like you until I learned the secrets of love from my Xbox 360.

Now I'm passing these pointers of passion, all delivered in actual Xbox 360 dating-advice video games, on to you.

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Bounkass2820d ago

1. Don't say you game
2. Don't say you game
3. Don't say you game
4. Don't say you game
5. Don't say you game
6. Don't say you game
7. Don't say you game!

cochise3132820d ago

I say I game, but I don't tell them how bad my addiction is. I catch them off of guard with it lol.

DlocDaBudSmoka2820d ago

comments from the site are hilarious. those guys need laid like yesterday. lol.

BX812820d ago

Don't ever say you're a veteran if you're not. That's pathetic. I hate nothing more than some guy trying to hit on some girl and he starts spewing some crap about the Army and you can tell by what he's saying that he's not in. I'll call someone out quick as hell on that.