7.0 Reviews PS3 Mini - Ikari Warriors

TerminalGamer writes:

Released in 1986 for the NES by SNK, after more than 2 decades it finally was ported to the PlayStation 3 system and PlayStation Portable as a Minis title. Is it worth three bucks, or should you pass it up? Crawl through the mud and make your way to our review to find out.

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ftwrthtx3618d ago

These are cool to have for the PSP

maniacmayhem3618d ago

Yet another great IP SNK needs to bring back.

And yes i know the two leads are in KOF and Metal Slug but we need an HD Ikari Warriors.

DarkTower8053618d ago


IW was the first great co-op I played.

mediastudies3616d ago

A few problems- IKari Warriors hit the arcades in 1986, then later the NES in May, 1987.