The Free Red Dead Redemption Myths and Mavericks Bonus Pack DLC Is Coming in September

“Today we can confirm the title for you: the Myths and Mavericks Bonus Pack will feature new fan-favorite multiplayer characters by popular demand (including a certain grizzled ol’ gunslinger as pictured above) as well as new multiplayer locations for players of Deathmatch, Grab the Bag, Gang matches and other popular online modes to get busy in.

We expect the pack to be finished and available for download on Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network in September.”

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Nate-Dog2823d ago

Awww I was hoping for some story-related DLC if possible (hence the "playable other story characters" they mentioned) but I can't say I really expected that since multiplayer has still been getting all the attention. Still cool Rockstar are still supporting RDR though especially with free stuff.

Yi-Long2823d ago

... Free DLC is always cool, and RDR is a great game, so if they also add an attractive sale for the other DLC, I might even consider buying it so I can enjoy the MP again a bit.

WhiteLightning2823d ago

Are you kidding me...

No story single player content, with the whole "other characer" stuff they said a while ago I thought we would get to do some missions as other characters. :/

Bounkass2823d ago

Not bad if you ask me, considering the price...

mafiahajeri2823d ago

The psn community ia rubbish nobody plays this game SADLY!

FAGOL2823d ago

What are you talking about. I have no trouble finding games. I play Liars Dice regularly. Not sure about tdm or grab the bag.

Go into free roam and ask people if they want to play with you. Simple.

mafiahajeri2822d ago

Im talking about having trouble getting into a game. Usually someone joins and then leaves.

Jury2823d ago

hopefully this brings some people back to the psn, i want to get my platinum.

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