Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Gets Some More Character

Capcom releases one more "should have been DLC" title update. I suggest new characters that might make the $40 price tag worth it.

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I_find_it_funny2821d ago

is this game fun for someone who never read a single comic ?

caseh2821d ago

You would probably get a bit more from it playing as a character you know from comics/cartoons but its not essential.

Overall though its a fighter, if you like fighting games it may be something worth taking a look at.

FACTUAL evidence2821d ago

So basically the rumored people for the first MVC3 that was supposed to be in it is finally bought into it? Way to go capcom.......FUCK YOU!

BigPenguin2820d ago

I am going to be honest. Capcom is my most hated publisher this generation.

People talk about EA and Activision, but its really Capcom that is pushing the on disk DLC and bullshit money grubbing techniques like this.

Pikajew2822d ago

lots of people like Rocket Raccoon. I was never interested in the comics he was in.

How will Phoenix Wright play? how will he fight?

DeadpoolSkye2822d ago

As far as I'm aware, they haven't publicly released the gameplay videos of anyone but the 4 who were officially announced.

Pikajew2821d ago

The others fight in other stuff they are in, but I never seen Phoenix Write fight.

DeadpoolSkye2821d ago

The nature of his games sort of prevent that. I'm going to assume that he'll use lots of word bubbles. lol

Robotronfiend2821d ago

More people like Megaman, Venom, Carnage, and all the other characters with more votes than RR. It's a poor choice when you consider all the other potential options and the results of Capcom's own polls.

Marceles2821d ago

I just picture him pointing at the other characters to take damage

agentxk2822d ago

Capcom gets some more of money

Pikajew2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

Add megaman

CoryHG2821d ago

This is a misleading article. Enjoy your free misleading site hits.

DeadpoolSkye2821d ago

Not only is the title true (12 new characters were added), but I even clearly stated in the description that I suggest other characters. I even reported all known facts about the game.

So yes. I will enjoy the site hits. Thanks.

skrug2821d ago

Should say Capcom comfirms 3 new characters

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The story is too old to be commented.