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GameDynamo - "Gradius is back! Or should I say, it's evolved, merging genes with Parodius and scantily-clad anime-inspired pilots to become Otomedius Excellent. I wasn't even sure what the title meant at first. Otomedius is actually a splicing of two words with 'otome' meaning maiden and Grad'ius' representative of those old space shooters I both loved and dreaded when I was younger."

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CrescentFang3612d ago (Edited 3612d ago )

Glad Konami decided to publish this in the states. Though the $50 collector's edition looks cool and all, I just want to support shmups there. I hope the game doesn't run out of stock for either the collector's or standard... you know how these niche games don't have a huge print run... which reminds me of the DJ Max game that came out a while ago *runs*