No Customization In Need For Speed: The Run 'Not What It Is About'

TGH Writes: "We recently got some time to sit down with Need For Speed: The Run with the producer Alex Grimbley and asked him a few questions regarding the new direction of the title and if it will have any elements of older titles in the franchise. One pertaining to customization which has reared its head in a few Need For Speed titles. We weren’t entirely surprised with his answer but some fans might be disappointed."

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Rob9463613d ago

Pretty excited to try this game although I won't get it at launch to much other games I want.

Zeixama3613d ago

If anyone still missing old good arcade racing , get and play NFS : HP2 PS2 edition , I am damn still playing this game ; it is full of action and challenge and hardcore soundtrack . I said that ps2 edition because pc version is made by different developer . the PS2 edition has harder tracks with diversitied turns . EA should update Hot Pursuit 2 with HD graphics and release immediately , believe me it will sell like cakes .

TurboGamer3613d ago

BOOOOO!!! I thought we would finally get a underground 2 like game after the crap nfs titles lately(shift 1 & 2, undercover, carbon, pro street and HP). Most Wanted was the last good nfs to be released. HP(2010) was the worst nfs to be released ever(sold my game after 2 races). This nfs WILL fail and give a bad name to the Frostebite 2 engine. I will wait for Underground 3, until then RIP Need for Speed.

TXIDarkAvenger3612d ago

NFS Underground 3 plz.....I luv Underground 2

Psychotica3613d ago

That's because in this game many times you just sit there and watch until it tells you to press a exciting.

EazyC3613d ago

Does anyone esle think a proper HD remake of NFS:Hot Pursuit 2 would be amazing? My fave racing game.

I know HP came out last year, and although good, it was far from a faithful recreation of the original Hot Pursuits!

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The story is too old to be commented.