Capcom already planning DLC for Ultimate MvC3

VGW: The recent announcement of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 by Capcom has been met with very mixed reactions by gamers. Many are disregarding it as just another cash-in by Capcom, and the most common criticism out there now is “Why wasn’t this DLC?” A new interview from Famitsu is bound to add a little more fuel to the backlash, as staff associated with the game are saying that DLC is already being planned for Ultimate MvC3. You heard that right, the game that was originally set as DLC itself, is getting DLC.

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Godchild10203616d ago (Edited 3616d ago )

You should have known this was coming from when they announced a release date and preorder bonuses.

I will just wait for the Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Arcade Edition.

dangert123615d ago

You know what you fighting game fans are just as bad as the CoD ones not all of you but this is insane fucking insane how long will you carry on running to them for this shit? really twats some one needs to shoot you people if this carries on your making the reality of full games releases fade infront of our own faces

Arnon3615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

People need to be shot and killed over video games? I think you need to be shot for having those thoughts.

Here's the difference between UMvC and CoD. One doesn't force you to buy the game + all the expansions for $109.94 (Cod - $64.94, 3 expansions - $45) just to play online. Yeah, I don't approve of them releasing another game for $40. However, if they hadn't had released a $40 game, they'd release each character for $5 each, which would be more than the price of the $40 game.

dangert123615d ago

people without common sense or a brain who make this world worse should be shot defo why have people here if there just going to make it harder for us =/

Godchild10203615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )


What are you talking about? I'm no fighting fan, I'm a all around gamer. I play all types of games; Action Adventure, Rpg, Racing etc..

You also used the "you" word to loosely, If you aren't talking about me, then why use the word "you"?

dangert123615d ago

maybe i do yeah i wearnt talking about you was a nice read though reading what you had to say in reply lol

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Etseix3615d ago

whaat is it going to be? only 2 more DLC adn then another version of the game? Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom Arcade ?

life doomer3616d ago

And yet, stupid people are still going to buy it.

Peaceful_Jelly3616d ago

and you thought that Activision was evil...

NovusTerminus3616d ago

I don't see why this "Ultimate" edition is not DLC... Would make sense to me...

unknownhero11233615d ago

they used the japan earthquake as thier excuse

stay classy capcom!

TrevorPhillips3616d ago (Edited 3616d ago )

What a waste on Getting Marvel vs Capcom 3 when this is already coming out with DLC's...I agree with Godchild1020, I'll just wait for the Arcade Edition.

Capcom, what happened to you guys man, you guys were awesome but now it seems you're greedy for money.

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The story is too old to be commented.