Double Dragon 2 revamp XBLA in September

A 3D Remake of the arcade classic Double Dragon 2 will be making its way onto the Xbox Live Arcade in September. The game is being developed by Barunson Interactive which is a Korean developer known for Dragonica, a side-scrolling MMO.

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Yi-Long2827d ago

... that looks really really poor.

darthv722826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

id like to see an hd remake of operation wolf or thunderbolt. Oh heck there are dozens of classic 'cade games that i would pay good $$ to get revamped.

Mostly sega titles like thunderblade and space harrier and galaxy force (seeing as outrun, afterburner and sega rally have already been remade).

Double dragon in the 'cades was fun but I was more of a 'bad dudes' kind of .... dude. Besides, this is a remake of DD2 which was blah to begin with. About as much fun as ikari warriors 2.

Lets get an hd remake of streets of rage instead of this.

Solid_Snake-2826d ago

it looks amazing. suppose as its an xbox exclusive its gonna be h8d on here.

i enjoy remakes of old classics. i have had endless hours on double dragon and im looking forward to a fresh game.

maniacmayhem2826d ago

Double Dragon with four player co-op...i dont know...having 4 player co-op doesnt really make it DOUBLE Dragon! *audience laughs*

Anyways i wish capcom would do a sequel HD of Final Fight. And make it with ssf4 graphics.

Cereal2826d ago

It will flop harder than the Turtles in Time remake.

KwietStorm2826d ago

I couldn't even finish the trailer. Why would they even put Double Dragon in the name. It reminds me of that horrible Fighting Force on Playstation.

ElmosGotAGun2826d ago

This is going to fail hardcore, why do people always have to ruin classic games :(

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The story is too old to be commented.