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James Bacon writes, "Captain America is my most favorite super hero. I have two grandfathers who fought in, and survived, World War II; members of the Greatest Generation, inspiring in their “do right” attitudes and unparalleled patriotism; and so I tend to romanticize the era, holding us all to that same standard. My grandparents have since passed, but I get to see a glimpse of their sense of duty and righteous action in the way Captain America behaves and speaks. It’s true that Steve Rogers, first appearing in 1941 as the titular hero, was a propagandist piece used to help solidify the American people under a banner of righteousness, galvanizing them in the midst of the “The Big One,” but his spirit, disposition, and love of apple pie live on to this day as both an example of a bygone era, but also as a goal to which we aspire as Americans."

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Shield2824d ago

I enjoyed this game from start to finish, there wasn't a lot to it but it was still fun. Plus all the Trophy/Achievements were easy to get.