Movie Games That Don't Suck

When games come out based on movies, for the most part they are terrible and same goes for movies based on games. However, there are a few diamonds you can play that don't suck. Allen of Gamer Assault Weekly takes a look at the top 5 movie games that don't suck.

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HAMM3RofBUDDHA3609d ago

The Wolverine game really was great.

Edgetroll3609d ago

seriously, hands down one of the best movie inspired games. It was genuinely fun.

Giru0173609d ago

The leap mechanic was amazingly well implemented and DAMN was that game brutal. Specially considering how crap Wolvie Origins was, this game exceeded any and all expectations.

VRex73609d ago

Wolverine and Spider Man 2 were so fun!!

Spotie3609d ago

They haven't been gaming long enough to remember such titles. Like most gamers online, their experiences seems to only go back as far as last gen.

thisishxc3609d ago

Goldeneye was one of the first games I ever played. I wasn't very good at it, but hey...I tried. It's hard to narrow down games, and movies in this case, for lists like this. Maybe the author just isn't a James Bond fan regardless of his age.

Edgetroll3609d ago

Not necessarily. Production values back then were a lot lower than they are now, and a lot of games weren't as great as we remember. Goldeneye for me was more fun because of the multiplayer, but I honestly cant remember much in terms of the story. If you ask me to name fun games based on movies, that'd probably me one of the last ones to come to mind.

VRex73609d ago

I'm right there with you with Goldeneye

FrostbiteGhost3609d ago

Maybe Goldeneye was ommited because most people have played that game as opposed to a lot of the games on the list. Nearly everyone whom had an N64 has Goldeneye. Fantastic game.

Inception3609d ago

Some of my notable list:

- Aladdin (Sega / SNES)
- Batman (NES)
- Die Hard Trilogy (PS1 etc)
- Dick Tracy (Sega Genesis)
- Jurassic Park (Sega Genesis)
- MJ - Moonwalker (Sega Genesis)
- Ghostbuster I (Sega Genesis)
- Ghostbuster II (NES)
- Judge Dredd (Sega / SNES)
- Alien 3 (Sega / SNES)
- Rambo III (Sega)
- Spiderman 2 (PS2 etc)
- X2: Wolverine Revenge (PS2 etc)
- Punisher 2005 (PS2 etc)
- Wanted: Weapons of Fate (PS3 etc)


The best PS5 exclusives 2024

With so many PS5 exclusives to choose from, it can be a little overwhelming to pick which one to play. This is especially true for a new PlayStation gamer who has yet to experience the wonder of PlayStation-exclusive storytelling. So, here's KnowTechie's take on the best PS5 exclusives in 2024 and beyond

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Hereandthere60d ago

PlayStation is killing it with the exclusives this year. Exclusive wise, what has xbox released this year?

VersusDMC60d ago

They won't complain about Microsoft not releasing games here but put all their effort into saying that only first party counts. Games like Rebirth and Grandblue Relink don't count. Games published by Sony like Helldivers 2, Stellar Blade and Rise of the Ronin don't count because Sony don't own the studios.

It's some narrative building so for when Hellblade 2 come out they can say, seemingly without shame, that Microsoft is actually releasing first party games this year. And claim victory.🙃

Chevalier60d ago

Weird 1st party games didn't matter when Xbox had so little, but, now they're important again? Guess Ark 3, Stalker 2 don't count any more?

KyRo60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

ARK 3 doesn't exist and it's just a timed exclusive. It's also a game that a majority of the ARK player base doesn't want as it's a massive deviation from what people like about the original game

Abnor_Mal60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

Honestly to me it doesn’t matter what they say, they are just finally getting a chance to say all the things PS fan(boy)s were saying to them for the past few years. Let them get that, they deserve a “win” for a change.

The new narrative is that suddenly first party games matter again when awhile ago they didn’t, but that was because they were struggling with the same three games with the occasional fourth or fifth. That games should be everywhere on all platforms since that’s whats happening to theirs. The consoles don’t matter just the ability to play anywhere. Whatever Xbox is doing Sony will soon follow.

They’re not moving the goalpost anymore, but rather just moving the whole damn stadium.

jwillj2k460d ago

Only a incel would care about who published what and who owns who.

If it’s not on the other consoles it’s an exclusive.

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Cacabunga60d ago

Killing what? Where are the 1st party games??
Stellar Blade and FF7 is what I’m seeing this year.. so shallow!!!!

andy8560d ago

Doesn't really matter as long as they're great games. Baffles me why people put an emphasis on 1st party. They're still games you can't play anywhere else this year

Cacabunga60d ago


PS brand is my favorite because of their stellar first party software.. currently I see absolutely nothing to go crazy for..

CS759d ago


PS1 and PS2 was built on great third party exclusives like FF, MGS, GTA & Tekken.

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raWfodog60d ago

Of course I love the games I’ve played from PS but I don’t believe we need to limit it to ‘exclusive’ to acknowledge that Xbox will be releasing some good games this year also. In that same vein, I believe that Xbox diehards shouldn’t limit their acknowledgment of good PS games to 1st party. There are plenty of good games to go around for everybody.

Tacoboto60d ago

This is a Playstation article about Playstation games and your comment is about Xbox. Can't you just celebrate what PS has without dragging this into console war BS?

ChasterMies60d ago

I don’t think Microsoft is releasing games exclusively on Xbox anymore. They have some timed exclusives that release on Xbox first.

60d ago
60d ago
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Abear2160d ago (Edited 60d ago )

Returnal, Astro Bot, and Ratchet made having it since day one worth it.

GT7 free updates and Spiderman 2 and others at 60fps have made this last year more than okay.

But yeah, it’s been dry lately. BG3 and third party have made great filler, but we ready for that SOCOM or Killzone announcement and some more 1st party goodness. Crossing fingers for Ghost of Tsushima 2 announcement this summer.

Didn’t know Helldivers was exclusive! Wtf is going on at Xbox that they can’t get these games, series s strikes again.

SonyStyled60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

Sony owns the Helldivers IP. The first was a PS3/Vita/PC game. It was never an Xbox game that they could ‘get’ a decade ago. I’m not sure what the upset is with Xbox here

CS759d ago

Lol, how do you ignore Rebirth one of the best games ever made?

anast60d ago

Looks like they are on par with the previous gens. Solid games all around. Interestingly enough, we can't say they released a bad game yet this gen. Unlike the Quiet Man dustup.