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Gamingexcellence: "It's always nice to see a game developer breaking from the mold and Catherine does that in a huge way. Unfortunately the difficulty is going to alienate a very large amount of people."

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fluffydelusions3613d ago

My copy is preordered. Cannot wait.

Organization XII3613d ago

Damn why dont they release the Japanese version with subs, not that the english voice acting is bad or anything, it's actually good. But same here, I cant wait till my copy arrives :D

Atlus kicks ass!!!!!

limewax3613d ago

Atlus only published, I don't mean to sound as if I am downplaying them, They are a great help to the guys in US with a broad taste in games. However being from UK, a lot of what they get to you actually ends up coming to us from a different publisher.

I hope the EU gets a bit more attention from atlus as it seems at the moment someone else follows suit for them over here

Neckbear3613d ago

Actually, limewax, Catherine WAS developed by Atlus JP.

zgoldenlionz3613d ago

yup yup, I'm ready to play, hoping my copy from amazon arrives early.

KNero3613d ago

definitely a must buy, not because it has great reviews....its because its from Atlus--c'mon Atlus, hurry up and give us Persona 5 already!

xVeZx3613d ago

i played the demo and the puzzles are great but im not into japanese anime....

Lazy_Sunday3613d ago (Edited 3613d ago )

The difficulty isn't going to alienate anyone. You'd have to be blind not to see that the anime style mixed with risque elements will. Demon Souls did great and has a large following due to it's difficulty. Now partner that with DoAX2--and you've alienated 95% of your possible consumer base. Because only 5% of those people will buy a game that can almost be considered soft-core hentai with mini-game elements. The marketing for the game has already done damage, hopefully these reviews will help it.