No More Heroes Stepping On A New Platform

Dual Pixels - One of the best action games on Wii, No More Heroes, will have a title releasing on mobile platforms in the future.

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Blacktric2829d ago

Talking sh*t about critically acclaimed games is your signature thing I presume. First, bitches about Halo series and now this. Pathetic.

TheColbertinator2829d ago

Getting NMH on PS3.Screw the haters

AEtherbane2829d ago

I like the first one on the wii, such a shame not many people played, it was really fun, loved the sense of humor it offered

Cajun Chicken2829d ago

Awesome, but would prefer news on a real number 3.

lizard812882829d ago

It was suggested by Suda, that they are making one for the Wiiu, when he was asked about a 3rd game. but Travis might not be in it. He said something about a new main character.

Canary2829d ago

What is this one? A port of NMH1, or NMH2?

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