Ubisoft is 'cherry picking' the best Far Cry elements for Far Cry 3

Richard Newton writes for @XG247:

It seems like Ubisoft are learning from past mistakes, and successes, with the Far Cry franchise in the development of Far Cry 3.

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DanSolo2824d ago

Farcry has alot of potential.... hopefully that potential will finally get realised!

I hope they use and improve the whole trap setting aspect, spike traps, punji traps, makeshift grenade traps, trip wires ect.... as the trap idea was a good one and is not really utilised often or well in games, and always felt a bit lacking in Farcry before.

MasterD9192823d ago

The map editor was my favorite part of FC2.

I'd like to see the ability to grab random players and let them play on your custom maps. Would be awesome.