Epic Will Return To Unreal 'If It Makes Sense'

NowGamer: Epic Games hasn't ruled out developing another Unreal game

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majdees2828d ago

I never got the chance to try an unreal game. I hope they consider making a new one in the future.

DoomeDx2827d ago

Let me guess, console player?

If you are a long time gamer, you must have played them once

lil Titan2827d ago

the best was 2004 after that i dont know what they where thinking but i did like that anyone who made a map on PC could be shared with the PS3 version

majdees2827d ago

You mean that for someone to be called a long time gamer, he or she should have tried every game in existence?? I've been a gamer all my life, probably longer than you. No offence intended.

JsonHenry2827d ago

They are good if you like superfast twitchy gameplay (on the PC) but the console ports of the game always are slowed down to accomadate controllers.

I can't get into them any more though. I prefer more tactical and slower paced gameplay. And yes, sometimes pitching a tent and camping it up like a champ. :)

Raf1k12827d ago

I still think UT games have some of the best weapons of any game. You can do so much more with them than in other games.

buckley2827d ago

The first Unreal was absolutely mindblowing when it came out. They all but abandoned it for the Unreal Tournament franchise, though.

I'd love to see another Unreal game at some point. I don't mind if it isn't soon since they're cranking out great games anyway, but at some point.

skyward2827d ago

This image makes it look like Gears - I could go for another Unreal FPS on all formats though, make it quick, violent and beautiful and I'll be there.

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The story is too old to be commented.