Kaleb’s Korner: Transgender Interview (I’m Serious)

Now in this wonderful episode of Kaleb’s Korner, I bring you an interview with Random Assault’s own, Kate Reilly, or OneEyedGoon, and we discuss her transition from male to female and how cool along with problematic being a transsexual can be sometimes. The gameplay is some Nazi Zombies from Call of Duty: World at War due to my recent selling of both of my copies of Black Ops.

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fr0sty4749d ago

"She" is still a he. You can dress a cow up like a pig, but that doesn't mean you'll be eating pork after you slaughter it.


Call Of Duty On Game Pass Is A Big Risk Big Reward Gamble

Discover the impact of Microsoft's decision to include Call Of Duty in Game Pass. Explore the pros and cons and speculate about future changes.

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Elda65d ago

Most folks that have a Gamepass subscription will not spend the $70, they will use Gamepass instead to play COD. MS will most likely make their money from some solely PC players & some solely PS5 owners. Even some PC players may opt to use Gamepass instead of spending $70. I would think MS would want to make every dime they could from retail sales. As long as they put new releases of COD day one on Gamepass, MS will lose out on some sales of COD.

porkChop65d ago

COD makes truck loads of money on microtransactions. That's likely the play. Get more people in the door through Game Pass and sell more microtransactions. Have a steady stream of events to keep people interested so they keep their sub, and then just the sub alone would double the revenue from that player each year.

Elda65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Buying the game at $70 a pop including the deluxe versions is much better than people subs for a dollar to $15 a month. Die hard fans that usually buy the game also buy into the transactions. Again putting any new COD day one on Gamepass is definitely a sure loss of making some retail money for every copy of COD. With the last iteration of COD being bad most likely people are going to sub to Gamepass to play COD basically saving themselves $70, that is a loss of retail sales.

Kakashi Hatake65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Most that don't have Gamepass will just buy the game and he done with it. People that do will just result in a retail sale being lost. Some will buy the subscription for the month then be done. This is lose lose. Casuals aren't going to pay almost 300 dollars a year for COD.

ApocalypseShadow65d ago

The reality is that Microsoft already knows the answer as stated by them in their documents. PlayStation gamers have built up an ecosystem of games and they aren't migrating over and dropping what they have to buy an Xbox to play one game in a service you have to pay monthly for. Cheaper to just buy the game. And, I'd bet many casual COD players don't know or care about the acquisition.

Which is why Jim Ryan pushed to make sure that that one game continues to be sold as usual on Sony's platform to keep the status quo. Every other IP owned by Activision are worthless. And Activision has shown they don't care about other IP like Tony Hawk by cancelling them.

Sales WILL be lost on Xbox. That's for certain. Microsoft can only hope that Xbox gamers continue to buy up those micro transactions to make up for those lost sales. Only positive for Microsoft is that they get to dip into PlayStation game sales that we all know from history and NPD, that Sony's console sells more games. But increase subs from Sony fans for game pass? Not happening in any way that matters.

Sony, on the other hand, can have their cake and eat it too. They get COD and they can continue dropping more content for their fastest selling GaaS game which is Hell Divers 2. As the game passes 12 million sales and doesn't beat you over the head with micro transactions, Sony has a win win situation and can support the game getting more content to keep players engaged.

As a side note, COD is probably going to turn into some version of Sea of Fortnite Duty. Games as a service sitting in game pass being milked dry with micro transactions and constant updates making you feel you're playing an unfinished game that keeps going and going with no soul.

Tedakin65d ago

I'm not sure why everyone is acting like COD is a surprise. That was always the plan. They said in court during the FTC case they were doing this. They have said repeatedly and recently all first party games are going to Gamepass.

badboyz0964d ago

gamepass like PS Plus are rental services. Games like COD you buy not rent. So in my case unless I plan on keeping gamepass for 2yrs minimum than the benefit of adding cod is pointless.


5 Reasons Why Call Of Duty On Xbox Game Pass Is A Big Deal

We've put together 5 reasons why we believe the arrival of the Call of Duty franchise on Xbox Game Pass will be a big deal for Microsoft.

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peppeaccardo65d ago

Throwing bananas at the monkeys' cage.


Microsoft To Add New Tiers & Pricing To Xbox Game Pass Subscription With Addition Of Call Of Duty

Microsoft will reportedly add new tiers and pricing to its Xbox Game Pass subscription with the addition of Call of Duty to its game catalog.

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Jin_Sakai67d ago

And so it begins. Game Pass days are over.

ThinkThink67d ago

How come? Because there's a rumor of adding an additional tier?

Jin_Sakai67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

CoD is just a way of raising the prices and pushing people into paying more for Game Pass. It’s losing its value and the day 1 first party games aren’t really worth it anymore.

purple10167d ago

yes, because people were sold on the promise of one price, activision games included, now they want another whole tier to include cod,

not what people initially brought into, (well gamepass had many subs even before Activision, but you get my point)

So, One more lie, to add to the stack of lies, perpetrated by these scumbags,

jin_sakai probably think this ones the nail in the coffin, id tend to agree

Cacabunga66d ago

Sony better take notes and rethink their future plans.

this really couldn’t get worse..

peppeaccardo66d ago

If you pay attention to the target audience of this so called gaming service it all starts making sense and MS is doing exactly what they r supposed to do to get their money back ... if you really understand the reasoning of the lower side of the spectrum of the cod players MS has found its gold vein ... we r in business territory as entertainment is long deceased on the MS vocabulary.

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Hofstaderman66d ago

Best deal in gaming??? We think not.

66d ago
GamerRN66d ago

So you probably don't like all three tiers of PSN either.

notachance66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

If they’re as stupid as to make it more than $5/month increase from the highest tier I’d laugh my ass off.

crazyCoconuts66d ago

That would be a way of getting to say they kept the promise of all games on GamePass without cannibalizing their sales

66d ago
GamerRN66d ago

Isn't there an 8 dollar difference between bottom and top tier PSN?

Bathyj66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

Making gamepass worse value by making it more expensive, as well as CoD losing Xbox sales and PlayStation gamers will want it less if Xbox gamers are getting it for "free".

Takes real talent to damage 2 things with one move.

Chocoburger66d ago

Call of Duty needs to be taken down a notch, its too popular for its own damn good. So yeah, it seems like MS is going to help make that happen. So good job, I guess?

crazyCoconuts66d ago

If they price it so high that people won't want it, they won't sign up so MS won't lose out on sales. Not all of those bad things will happen, just some of them