Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom Gameplay Preview (G4)

G4: "Adam and Morgan welcome Product Mgr. Ryan McDougall to the Comic-Con stage for a hands-on early look at just-announced Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and added characters like Strider, Firebrand, and Ghost Rider, and learn that Spectator mode will return."

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Kalowest3742d ago

That and 8 new stages, 12 new characters, and Spectator mode. But the best part is, I don't waste money buying MvC3 on day1.

kornbeaner3741d ago

Wish I could take back my purchase. I bought it day 1 played it for about a week and decided I didn't like the game. The Hype got me big, I even bought the collector edition. :(

CrimsonEngage3742d ago

New stages and characters aren't enough reason to review the same game again.

Ddouble3741d ago

A lot of the characters have new moves and a lot of other gameplay tweaks have been made so it should be reviewed again.

CrimsonEngage3741d ago

Add 12 new characters?

<add picture of Crapcom here >

Review the same game again and give it a higher score.

Nickled and dimed. Never again. Damn weaboos.

fooxy3742d ago

Feel sorry for all the peeps that got raped in the ass by Capcom 5 months ago for $60 !

user8586213742d ago

lol!! so glad I wasn't one of the stupid people that bought MVC3 on release date, got milk anyone??

GhettoBlasStarr3742d ago

Another great example on how DLC is ruining gaming. I feel for the customers that supported 1st MvC3, this is such a spit in face for them.
I don't wanna hear nothing from devs. about used copy sells, especially since this would be the main reason to trade MvC3.
....But what if, what if all DLC were free??? Who would trade in games then?? Games would keep thier value alot longer and every customer would have something to look foward to. And they would not feel like they're not wasting money.

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