Split/Second 2 assets leaked, probably confirm game's cancellation

SystemLink: "Split/Second was great fun. The superbly slick and memorable TV-style presentation tied together a thrilling experience chock-full of deadly explosions, colossal destruction and sexy cars. The ending also set up a sequel nicely, with the promise of more nail-biting races leaving us ready to hand over our wallets to Black Rock Studios. Unfortunately, SystemLink have stumbled across some possibly depressing news."

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antz11042651d ago

Too bad, the first one was loads of fun if you could see past the "rubber-banding".

Blaze9292651d ago

The rubber band AI in that game was terrible. And online was too - all you needed to do was buy the DLC and you unlock every car? Thanks...thanks for that -_-. Because damn sure not many people could have been able to beat that tough single player.

But the game was still fun though - fresh racer. I enjoyed Blur more though

LOGICWINS2651d ago

I think the rubber banding was put there intentionally. Without the rubber banding, if you got too far ahead of the pack, then no one would be able to set traps for you. This would diminish the constant excitement of always having to watch your back.

LOGICWINS2651d ago

Split/Second was the most fun I've ever had with a racing game since Burnout 3. Sad to see that there may not be a sequel.

blackmamba7072651d ago

Black Rock Studios is closed now so it "probably" confirms S/S2 cancel

LOGICWINS2651d ago

But I heard that former Black Rock Studio employees created a new company.

Blaze9292651d ago

Even if, I doubt they have the rights to the IP to make a sequel.

alcapwn1802651d ago

Split/Second was an amazing game that definitely holds me over until a new official Burnout game comes out. So sad to see the studio closed a few weeks ago. Pure was a great game also and I am not even into ATV games that much.

Pintheshadows2651d ago

I enjoyed the game mode where you were avoiding the barrels coming out of trucks. It was hugely addictive and fun. Disney are morons.

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