Top 5 Best Alternatives to Need for Speed Rivals

Electronic Arts launched the bestselling ‘Need for Speed Rivals’ as a launch title on current-gen consoles the Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4. The open-world arcade racer took the series back to its roots with adrenaline-tinged racing and some of the hottest supercars to have ever been produced. While ‘Need for Speed Rivals’ is today among the best arcade racers of recent times, there are plenty others worth checking out for a new Point of Difference.

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saadd202110d ago

which game do you like the most on the list?

saadd202111d ago

Forza Horizon 2 is an interesting choice..considering its not as arcadey, but still open world. Great list. Loved Split/Second!

warrior822111d ago

I loved Split Second as well. Wish they made a second one.

saadd202111d ago

I think they were making one but it got shelved..some issue at Disney..what could have been!

warrior822111d ago

Yes SS2 would have been the bomb. Sucks they never got around to making it. the PSP version of SS was terrible though.

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