Dragon Age II: Legacy DLC Preview (G4)

G4: "Legacy" takes our hero Hawke outside of his comfort zone and into a prison, specifically a Grey Warden prison. It's an old prison that brings along with it an ancient evil, so powerful that the Wardens have kept it under wraps for a millennium. If that weren't enough, "Legacy" also promises to shed quite a bit of light on Hawke's ancestry..."

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spektical3743d ago

so i just finished DA2 story.. how do i keep playing? or u know start a new game higher difficulty with all my stats... is it possible?

dangert123743d ago

you want to play it again O_O
sucker for punish,ent...aweful game

PooEgg3743d ago

dangert12: you didn't like the game, fine, play something else, but realize that the people who clicked on this story to hear about the DLC don't really care what the haters think.

dangert123743d ago

@PooEgg difference between dislike and hating i never said anything about hate.lets not lable people without understand.

PooEgg3742d ago

You didn't use the word 'hate', but you proved yourself to be a hater with your insulting statement. Or maybe you misspell dislike as aweful - sort of hard to tell.

Blacktric3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

Dragon Age 2 doesn't support new game plus like Mass Effect series do. New DLC might add that support though.

Edit: @dangert12

You've probably never played Dragon Age 2. It's not an awful game. Not even close. You're obviously one of the flag burners who get caught by the negative hype train on N4G which is also being created by the people who never even played the game. Dragon Age 2 sucked because they took so many things that made Dragon Age: Origins awesome. It didn't suck because it was an awful game overall. So get your goddamn facts straight you mindless troll.

PooEgg3743d ago

DA2 is one of those games that you either love or you hate. I actually agree with you that a lot of the people who badmouth DA2 have not actually played the game, or if they did they got annoyed by its flaws and/or the fact that is isn't an Origins clone and never really gave it a chance to grow on them.

In my opinion, DA2 has a great story, great characters, and is very addicting. It also has some glaring flaws, but if you are able to overlook them and overlook the negative hype you will find a very enjoyable experience.

spektical3743d ago

i agree it was lacking many elements from DA..

it still has lots of fun factor.. but the only real class thats fun to use is mage.. rogue was not fun at all... and i dont think warrior looks great.

PooEgg3743d ago

I liked mage best too, but I also like the warrior class. I am really looking forward to this DLC, gives me a reason to replay the full series one more time.

CJQNSNYC3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

It's painfully average...and by Bioware standards, that makes it an awful game to me.

Negative hype by people who've never played the game you say? I don't think so. If anything it's exactly the opposite. Most of the people I know, including myself got it day one and played it. That was when all the "negative hype" began. But , if people enjoyed it, hey, more power to them. For me, it's not even close to the quality I'm used to getting from Bioware. so many supporters of this game, some people resort to name calling and insults, even profanity anytime someone says anything negative about this game. I wonder why that is?

PooEgg3743d ago

Personally I loved DA2, as did most of my friends, still I respect that it was not a perfect game and some people were put off by the changes or simply didn't enjoy it.

I don't mind when someone says they don't like DA2, or any other game, but I do find comments like the one left by dangert12 to be very rude and trollish. The comment is basically "I didn't like the game, but you did, so something must be wrong with you".

I do understand feeling disappointed and saying so, but do people really need to put down others because they do not share their disappointment?

falloutx3743d ago

I loved Dragon Age 2
I'm about to get Dragon Age 2 platinum I just need The supplier and Epic trophies.