How LBP creators nearly robbed the world of Portal

Media Molecule co-founders came close to depriving the world of Portal, Alex Evans revealed during a Develop conference taking place in Brighton this morning.

In 2005, Evans was working at Bullfrog with fellow Media Molecule co-founders, Mark Healey and Kareem Ettouney.

"At the time we trying to do R&D, trying to work out what the next thing was, doing a lot of concept work," said Evans.

"We worked on a project that actually was shown at GDC that year. It's lost, but if you dig through the GDC vaults there's this little game that never saw the light of day but that had a bunch of ideas in it."

The game in question was known as The Room, and as Media Molecule creative director Mark Healey explained, it had certain similarities to Valve's hit puzzler.

"It was these clay cubes that you make things out of, and then put them through portals and do very trippy things," said Healey.

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SnuggleBandit4712d ago

Well it certainly turned out well for gamers. 2 innovative franchises and 4 AAA games (so far)

Theonetheonly4712d ago (Edited 4712d ago )

well to give credit to valve. portal 1 was mostly portals that had limitations.

in portal 2 there are actually many sections of the game pasted together with big opening size portals that you dont even see, their system for portal implementation is highly efficient and is used for more than just portals for many things including level building and time efficient changes to the design.

the technology begind it is more than just portals that transport one objet to another place in the same level so i doublt LBP would have robbed anything from the world of portal.

"flamebait says.....lbp might have........"- nope

christian hour4712d ago

I remember that tech demo, was so cool. You could really see how LBP came out of it.

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N4g_null4713d ago

We've been doing that idea every since duke nukem. Yet valve actually made it the focus and a good game.

BrianC62344712d ago

Portal might have been even better if Media Molecule made it. We'll never know.

subtenko4712d ago

WOW!!! They should have made this game completly! I see elements of Minecraft in the video and this was made before minecraft. I think they made this even before portal 1. Good gosh they could have literally stole this who portal craze!

The potentials of it are amazing, they better make this game!

Agree or Disagree if you Agree

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NukaCola4713d ago (Edited 4713d ago )

I would love to see the tech demo in action.

Theo11304713d ago

Sure they did...They would have come up with an as interesting game...

Captain Tuttle4713d ago

Pretty interesting video, thanks for posting it.

Inside_out4713d ago

Oh yeah, that's the first thing I thought of when I saw that video...lol...hey, Portal with the sci-fi environment and the AI talking, stole their Idea from these guys...lol...take about delusional. :/

TBM4713d ago

Its funny how things play out, if they did sign with valve we probably wouldn't have both portal or littlebigplanet. Just goes to show how our decisions can affect the world around us.