3D support looking likely for Modern Warfare 3 will it be PS3 exclusive?

Msxbox-world asked Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling about 3D support for the forthcoming Modern Warfare 3.

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tawak2646d ago

black ops has both 3d support for ps3 and 360, now why not mw3??

OmegaSlayer2646d ago

3D as a timed exclusive :p
Joking, but one day the industry will reach those degrees of madness...

evrfighter2646d ago

Hit piece. Meaning made only for hits. Site name gives it away.

ilikegam3s2646d ago

I don't have a 3D Tv/monitor anyway so it doesn't affect me.

JellyJelly2646d ago

I'll get one when the tech is better and it doesn't require glasses.

bumnut2646d ago

Its going to be while before that happens, at least for tv's. Glassesless monitors are not too far away though.

JellyJelly2646d ago

Yeah. I'm fine without one until then. Sure, 3D-glasses give a good 3D effect but they also darken the image(almost like watching a TV with sunglasses. Samsung at least) and strain your eyes.

Boody-Bandit2645d ago (Edited 2645d ago )

3DS is glassless 3D technology and that strains your eyes as well. Glassless 3D technology with a wide viewing cone, at an affordable price point, is years away.

I never wait on technology tomorrow that I can enjoy today. Thats the point of getting new technology. When new technology hits retail, bigger and better is already on the drawing board and will shortly be on it's way. Live for today because tomorrow is not promised.

qwertyz2646d ago

black ops had 3d for both ps3 and 360 so why would it be ps3 exclusive ? doesn't make any sense.

RaidensRising2646d ago

Why the secrecy then? Bowling could have simply said yes we're including 3D support.

There have been a few games now where 3D is exclusive to the PS3, so perhaps Sony will do a deal much like MS has with the DLC timed exclusive.

Remember although the publisher is Activision, Black Ops was developed by Treyarch and MW3 is being developed by Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer.

perdie2646d ago

maybe the 3d version will work better on the blu ray format?

that could be a reason for it being exclusive. I mean the only way you can play 3d movies at home is with a 3d blu ray player and guess which one happens to be the highest rated player? the ps3

Wizziokid2646d ago

ps3 and exclusive just doesn't work when you talk about a COD game.

FredEffinChopin2646d ago

This game could be in 4D and I still wouldn't give a shit.

Rynx2646d ago

I don't know if the game could be in TIME(4D) that sounds like something I would be interested in

Liquid_Ocelot2643d ago (Edited 2643d ago )

*shocked* finally somebody that knows about it!!

Bubbles+ Rynx

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The story is too old to be commented.