Armored core 4 PS3 Exclusive?

The Xbox 360 version of Armored core 4 has according to been cancelled. The series producer and From Software CEO Naotoshi Zin stated that this decision was due to a recent contract with Sony entertainment to keep the Armored Core series PlayStation 3 exclusive.

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Asuka5868d ago

"IF" this is true, its no surprise. All of the past AC games have been Playstation exclusive

achira5868d ago

lol, now the xbox360 starts to looose its exclusive. you can be sure that when the ps3 launches, noone will talk about this crap console !!! at least i hope so.

TheMART5868d ago

Hey stupid: an exclusive can only be lost if it's an exclusive! Dumb ars. This is a cross platform game

xrobbanx5868d ago

If you think xbox360 is crap hope you dont buy a ps3 because in the end they are very similar.

hardwood20015868d ago

I voted "lame" because there is no official conformation anyway on that site.(yet)

TheMART5868d ago

This is said by a PS3 site. They could easily pull a Sony (that's plain lying, overpromissing and underdelivering, which anyone will know is pulling a Sony!).


"Xbox 360 system would be to complex to develop for "

This guy is

a.) going nuts
b.) paid by Sony and is pulling a Sony himself

Because it's widely known the 360 has a real great developping environmentkit. If he really can't cope with it, he is just a lame guy with bad programmers working there. Expect a sh!tty game then for PSZero because that one is a real pain in the ars to program for hehehe

Furthermore, these are not as important as GTA4, Assassins Creed or Fifa/PES are if the story would be true in the end.

Achira enjoy this one game, we'll enjoy the others and Assassins Creed the most!

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The story is too old to be commented.