VC-1 for Blu-ray?

Only a day after Warner announced an unprecedented single-day release of ten high-def titles, the studio has unveiled full specs and box art for the complete lineup, which may include the studio's first-ever VC-1-encoded Blu-ray discs.

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Bill Nye5866d ago

Don't understand why they didn't use VC-1 to begin with.

And why doesn't Blu-ray get Dolby Digital-Plus and TrueHD audio soundtracks?

Marriot VP5866d ago

not enough space,

holographic or protein dvd anybody. jk

Bill Nye5866d ago

But if they would've used VC-1 or even H.264 there would've been room for those soundtracks...

I think Blu-ray just costs too much for movie studios and didn't find it profitable to pay the licensing for either of the better codecs.

shotty5865d ago

Because VC-1 is owned by microsoft and therefore the licencing fees would go to microsoft instead of sony for video codecs. But if Blu-ray wants to stand a chance against HD-DVD, sony needs to give up some profits so that they can licence the superior codec.

HD-DVD already uses VC-1 since microsoft is backing HD-DVD.

Bill Nye5865d ago

MS doesn't own VC-1, but they did contribute to its development.

the_bebop5864d ago

Unlike MS, Sony owns a lot of patterns in MPEG4 codecs, where it is the other way around VC-1 codecs. Being that a lot of the Movies on Blue-ray have been released by Sony or Sony owned Companies they would naturally be using MPEG4 to keep the profits to them self, where like Warner Brothers and 20th Century Fox are not owned by Sony.

Bill Nye5863d ago

They're not even using MPEG4. They're using MPEG2.

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achira5866d ago

yep, now something shapes up, blue ray will win !!!

Marty83705866d ago

Blu-ray cost the same as HD-DVD at retail.Both Blu-ray & HD-DVD have same codecs so have to pay licensing.PS3/Bluray are the future.

drewdrakes5865d ago

HAHa how did you come to that conclusion? Everything you just said included both blu-ray and HD-DVD. HD-DVD seems to be superior, but Sony cant be underestimated. Even when Sony is superior they drop the ball, so lets see what happens now, when theyre on the other end of the stick.

clayton5863d ago

I've never seen a blu-ray player only hd-dvd.